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Optics and the Brain

Optics and the Brain

Vancouver , Canada

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 21 Dec 2022

Conference Dates: Apr 24, 2023 - Apr 27, 2023

Impact Score 0.70


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Research Impact Score: 0.70
Contributing Best Scientists: 18
Papers published by Best Scientists 19
Research Ranking (Neuroscience) 15
Research Ranking (Medicine) 56
Research Ranking (Physics) 99

Conference Call for Papers

Optics and the Brain
Optics in the Human Brain
Functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) and diffuse optical tomography (DOT)
Wearable systems
Brain computer interfaces
Intrasurgical brain optical imaging
Fiber-optic probes, spectroscopy and endoscopic imaging
Optical modulation of the human central nervous system
Retinal neuroscience
Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy
Speckle contrast
Quantifying blood flow
Vascular and Metabolic modelling
Functional activations
Clinical applications
Translational optical agents (optogenetics, calcium indicators, molecular probes)
Rethinking Scan Patterns and Shaping Light
Light sheet microscopy
Wavefront engineering
Adaptive optics
Structured illumination
Temporal focusing
Non-gaussian beam shaping (Bessel, Doughnut, Airy, etc...)
Structural and super-resolution techniques
Resolution improvement techniques
Fluorophores design and optimization
Use of super-resolution
Particle tracking
Molecular and biophysical processes
Analyzing Circuitry, Network Function and Information Processing
Model systems for network studies
Hybrid theoretical-experimental approaches to network analysis
Models of network inference
Imaging strategies optimized for network analysis
Decyphering functions from activity data
Multiscale imaging of brain activity
Functional Microscopy
Wearable microscopes
Hybrid electrical/optical microscopy.
Optogenetics, Genetic Encoding and novel probes
Optrode and electrode hardware for excitation and / or recording
Use of miniature microscopes with optogenetics
Genetically encoded calcium and voltage indicators
Novel forms of functional contrast
New genetic strategies for optogenetics
Modeling and overcoming scatter in optogenetics
Challenges of scaling up optogenetics to non-human primates
Scattering, clearing and wavefront engineering
Advances in Light sheet microscopy
Novel techniques for in-vivo and in-vitro whole-brain imaging and actuation
Zebrafish, Drosophila and similar small organisms
Clearing techniques and structural imaging, animal to human
Optical data management and analysis strategies
Multiphoton strategies for deeper imaging
Adaptive optics strategies
Physiology and Brain Disease
Application of optical imaging strategies to Alzheimer’s, stroke, epilepsy etc.
Models of brain disease and optical tools
Optical therapeutics
Photodynamic therapy
Big Data Tools (Collection, Management, Reduction, Analysis)
Rapid imaging strategies
Serial slices imaging
Large field-of-view and space-bandwidth microscopes
Compression strategies
Data management tools
Machine learning
Software tools and data formats
Optical hybrids
Photoacoustics / optoacoustics
Acousto-optic approaches
Acoustic modulation of neural activity
Combined optical / PET / CT / MRI
Combined electrical/optical

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