Avoid OmniScriptum to re-publish your thesis and other scientific papers

Avoid OmniScriptum to re-publish your thesis and other scientific papers
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
Chief Data Scientist & Head of Content

For the last month, our mail server  has been spammed by “Valérie Petreanu” from “Éditions Universitaires Européennes/OmniScriptum” begging all staff members at the university to email him any paper or report so that they would publish them in a form of a book  that can be sold on Amazon. You get the picture ! they spam anyone: graduate students, lecturers, gardeners,,etc.  Of course, most fools would fall prey to their enticing offers and send them poorly written reports, papers and dissertations. Publishing with them would rotten your resume and research careers that would never impress other scholars. In short, I would totally avoid publishing my  already published work with them for the obvious reasons:

  • No peer reviews at all.
  • No editorial services.
  • The company publishes even articles from Wikipedia and sell them for profit on Amazon.
  • They do spam people.
  • Plagiarism is not a concern for them.
  • They charge high prices for mediocre content
  • They hide under different names ( LAP Lambert Academic Publishing , Editions Universitaires Européennes…).
  • Goofy authors would not get paid a dime !
  • They do sometimes force their authors to buy back their own books !

Some of their nasty spam is shown below :




Better links from other scholars complaining about OmniScriptum :

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