10 Jeopardy Game Maker Tools and Templates for Teachers

10 Jeopardy Game Maker Tools and Templates for Teachers
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Good classroom management considers the students’ level of engagement to help them retain information and maximize their learning experience. Mardhaditya (2018) completed a study on the effectiveness of Jeopardy Game in teaching vocabulary, and concluded that the use of Jeopardy Game is effective to improve students’ vocabulary achievement.

Jeopardy Game is a popular American game show originally aired in 1964 and ran through the ’70s and early ’80s. It features clues where the answer is framed as a question. The game show became an icon for showcasing intellectual prowess, not the least as a means to win cash prize running into six figures. It is this element of intellectual competitiveness that teachers are adopting the game format the better to engage students.

Earlier, Revere (2004) implied that when students play Jeopardy in class, it contributes to the student’s level of comprehension, and as a result, they become interested in the subject and active participation in class is attained. Jeopardy Game is no doubt great for a fun and interactive way to review or introduce content and information to students.

The good news is, there is a slew of Jeopardy game maker apps that allow an educator to tailor a game that will suit his students and subject, and create a more modern avenue for learning. This article reviews ten of these Jeopardy Game applications and templates, highlighting their unique features, pricing, and general usability. You can select one to help you make your own Jeopardy game the easy way.

10 Jeopardy Game Maker Tools and Templates for Teachers

  1. JeopardyLabs
  2. Super Teacher Tools Jeopardy Creator
  3. Factile Jeopardy App
  4. Jeopardy Game Maker from Speight Ed
  5. Advanced Jeopardy Template
  6. Free Jeopardy Google Slides Template
  7. Jeopardy Template Review Game From Conor Bradley
  8. Rules and Procedures Jeopardy Template
  9. Free Jeopardy Template from Youth Downloads
  10. Jeopardy Maker

In a pre-test post-test study performed by Webb et al. and its eight PGY2 Surgery Residents, it was significantly noted that those who participated in the Jeopardy Game had a marked improvement in the delayed post-test medical information retention garnering an average score of 82.6% compared to those who did not, whose average score was 74.5%. The results may not have been conclusive, but the difference in the results was nonetheless noteworthy and impressive.

Participants of Jeopardy Game vs. Non-Participant Among Students

Post-Test Medical Information Retention Score Comparison (Limited Study)

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Source: (Webb et al., 2012)

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A number of studies have suggested that active learning helps students become more engaged in class, and, therefore assume more active roles as they participate in a class environment that gets them to join in the discussion and teamwork. In addition, active learning has been utilized by business education using simulations of game shows, including Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, etc. as supplementary avenues of learning (Simkin, 2013).

These Jeopardy board templates will help educators make their own Jeopardy games and content to apply a non-traditional instructional method to help students remember course content for an upcoming test or determine their background on a new lesson as an introduction to a particular unit, in a way that students can absorb well.

10 Best Jeopardy Game Maker Tools & Templates

 1. JeopardyLabs 

JeopardyLabs dashboard

Wherever you are in the world, Jeopardy Labs lets you play online and allows you to make your own jeopardy template where PowerPoint is not needed. Once you have finished creating your own games, they will be accessible online wherever and whenever. You can also find free templates made by other users. What’s more, making your own template is not hard at all and you can edit all you want. A scorekeeping slot is provided at the bottom of the template. It’s absolutely free and there’s no need to download the app. 

2. Super Teacher Tools Jeopardy Creator

Super Teacher Tools Jeopardy Creator

Super Teacher Tools Jeopardy Creator is perhaps one of the best apps for teachers to use in the classroom. It enables you to insert pictures on Question and/or Answer slides easily. It works online where students can join using portable devices, such as smartphones and iPads. It can also be played flashed on the screen in a classroom. You can also embed anything from YouTube videos or any flash objects you want. It is very flexible to use as it supports a wide range of symbols and foreign languages. It also has a simple scoring system and is 100% free to use.

3. Factile Jeopardy App

Factile Jeopardy App

This platform allows teachers to create their own games or use already created activities from their database. Factile has a completely free option as well as paid home, school, and business pro accounts. What makes it more exciting is that you can turn your gadgets like mobile phones, tablets or computers into buzzers! You may also add images, videos and equations to questions and answers. You can create your own game, enter your custom URL and share it with the class.  For pricing information, the first three games are for free, then $5 a month. Prices that appear are subject to changes. You may check and verify price accuracy online. 

4. Jeopardy Game Maker from Speight Ed

Jeopardy Game Maker from Speight Ed

This Jeopardy Review Game comes with images and sound files. It includes songs for both thinking and the daily double slides. If in case you are not too familiar with technicalities, it provides a user guide to help set up PowerPoint Review Game templates, and yes, obviously it works with MS PowerPoint. You can download a Jeopardy template for free on TeachersPayTeachers.com.

 5. Advanced Jeopardy Template

Advanced Jeopardy Template

This free PowerPoint Jeopardy template for the classroom supports eight or four players and works with both PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets, which you may use if you wish to automatically import your prompts and responses. Scores are automatically kept throughout the game as it uses Visual Basic Macros (VBA) to help keep score between the various contestants. It also includes Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy. There is a countdown timer and instructions are provided as well. To add to its more advanced “category” is the fact that its game board is nice and well-designed. 

6. Free Jeopardy Google Slides Template

Free Jeopardy Google Slides Template

As the name suggests, this template is absolutely free. Works online and no download is required. It provides a template with a room for five topics on the board as well as Final Jeopardy. It comes with detailed instructions that make it easier and fun to navigate across questions and answers. It opens in the free Google Slides

7. Jeopardy Template Review Game From Conor Bradley

Jeopardy Template Review Game From Conor Bradley

The Jeopardy Template Review Game from Conor Bradley provides a template that is nice, fun, and easy to use. It comes with an instructional video walkthrough and uses many features of PowerPoint that help create a game very similar to the real Jeopardy. Score sheets are provided as well as two templates that come with or without an answer slide. It is designed to be as user friendly as possible, so it is well recommended for beginners! It is also available for free download.

8. Rules and Procedures Jeopardy Template

Rules and Procedures Jeopardy Template

Rules and Procedures Jeopardy Template is perfect for an educator’s classroom procedures or for any other classroom review or unit introduction. It is so easy to use because one can just edit and type away. It also comes with a theme song and sound effects. It provides Daily Double and Final Jeopardy. It is downloadable, absolutely free, and works with PowerPoint presentations.

9. Free Jeopardy Template from Youth Downloads Free Jeopardy Template from Youth Downloads

This free Jeopardy-style PowerPoint template game on the internet has room for six categories with five questions and answers per category. The features of this template include Final Jeopardy and creative graphics. Added to it are cool animations and exciting sound effects. What makes it really easy to use is its customizable feature with its categories blank. You may then add in your own categories and questions that you wish to use in your class.

10. Jeopardy Maker Jeopardy Maker

Jeopardy Maker is free for anyone to use and does not need any PowerPoint or Jeopardy template. Created to make customized Jeopardy Games, it is equipped with animations and music. The program supports any numbers of rows and columns, which and are all generated automatically once you download. It has many other optional settings. It disproves anyone who thinks PowerPoint is complicated to use.

Jeopardy Games as Effective Tools to Stimulate Interest in Students

Teaching does not have to be boring and conventional. We can always spice it up for students to have fun and stay engaged in learning. Luckily, there are plenty of tools that can help you do this ranging from flipbook software to the Jeopardy Games maker tools listed here.

Incorporating games into the class environment such as the use of Jeopardy Games provides a positive impact on students’ learning and retention. It facilitates and promotes students’ active participation in class, thus making them absorb and remember course concepts more easily. When students’ interest is stimulated in learning with the use of these games, students find it easy and enjoyable to learn as opposed to traditional lectures. A more interactive and fun environment for students will help them assume responsibility for their learning.

Meanwhile, you could be the parent of children who need more challenging activities. If so, check out this list of essential links for parents of gifted children.



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