Best Rising Stars of Science in Italy 2022 Ranking

The 1st edition of ranking of top rising stars of science in Italy is based on data collected from Microsoft Academic Graph on 06-12-2021. Position in the ranking is based on a scientist's general H-index. Only scientists whose oldest publication is from 12 or less years ago were considered. Show more

Our ranking of top rising stars of science in Italy includes leading scientists from all major areas of science. It was based on a meticulous examination of 166,880 scientists on Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph.

The H-index threshold for approving a scholar to be considered for a global ranking was set differently for each scientific discipline, but was in most cases equal to 30 or 40. The inclusion criteria for scholars to be considered into the ranking of rising stars of science in Italy are based on the H-index, proportion of the contributions made within the given discipline in addition to the awards and achievements of the scientists. Only top 1000 scientists with the highest H-index are featured in the ranking.

Because the main goal is to ensure that only genuine researchers are included in the ranking, we believe that numbers are never meant to be an absolute measure to quantify the contributions of scientists. This is why we manually verify each profile and cross-correlate it against publications in a wide range of credible sources. Even though it’s not a metric defining a scientist’s position in the ranking, the amount of documents published in major journals and conference proceedings should constitute a reliable secondary indication of their contribution to research in a given discipline. Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s H-index using data compiled from Microsoft Graph, which is one the most prominent and well-established bibliometric database of this type available to the scientific community. A detailed definition of our research process can be found on our methodology page.

We firmly believe that all scientists, regardless of their academic tenure deserve an equal chance to be represented and praised for their achievements. Our aim is to inspire scholars, those considering an academic career, as well as decision-makers worldwide with the example of successful researchers who are just starting their academic careers. We hope that it will contribute to providing more opportunities and equal chances within the scientific community.

8 World 1 National H-index 85 Citations 22,621 540
40 World 2 National H-index 71 Citations 19,277 562
46 World 3 National H-index 70 Citations 8,917 315
176 World 4 National H-index 55 Citations 9,308 153
233 World 5 National H-index 51 Citations 17,644 189
295 World 6 National H-index 49 Citations 6,636 177
456 World 7 National H-index 43 Citations 44,380 64
485 World 8 National H-index 43 Citations 5,250 170
518 World 9 National H-index 42 Citations 6,189 164
685 World 10 National H-index 38 Citations 4,767 125
714 World 11 National H-index 37 Citations 5,770 419
745 World 12 National H-index 36 Citations 7,179 105
754 World 13 National H-index 36 Citations 6,252 81
772 World 14 National H-index 36 Citations 5,027 242
825 World 15 National H-index 35 Citations 4,604 131
888 World 16 National H-index 34 Citations 3,630 87
951 World 17 National H-index 33 Citations 3,598 149

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