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Best Online Certificate Program in Medical Office Administration: Guide to Online Degrees for 2021

With COVID-19’s long-term effects on public health, hospitals and medical clinics need competent professionals now more than ever. Aside from doctors and nurses, healthcare facilities also rely on support staff, such as medical office administrators and medical assistants to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Online medical office administration certification programs prepare students for ...Read More

Average Time to Repay Student Loans: 2021 Statistics & Data

One of the most pressing issues in the United States today is the ballooning debt accrued to finance education. Many students are required to carry debt to acquire a college degree, which they need to secure a job in the fourth industrial revolution. In an article published in the Journal of Policy Analysis ...Read More

College Enrollment Statistics: 2021 Data by State, Race, Gender & Age

College enrollment statistics show that fewer and fewer students aim to acquire higher education. Some may forgo a college education because of financial difficulties, the desire to go straight to employment, or simply to use their money for other relevant activities.  According to the National Clearinghouse Research Center, the average college enrollment ...Read More

Music Degree Guide: 2021 Costs, Requirements & Job Opportunities

Majoring in music opens up a number of opportunities that go beyond being a professional musician or performer. As a music degree holder, one can venture into music production, talent or event management, and even music therapy. Education is also one of the fields where music majors have been seeking employment. In ...Read More

Best Online Master’s Degrees in Sports Management: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

Sports is an extremely competitive and marketable industry. Overseeing a sports-related enterprise and understanding the aspects that make it thrive require expertise and extensive training in the sports or sports management area. Serving as coaches, event managers, and even marketers, sports managers are hailed as the pillars of collegiate, Olympic, and professional ...Read More

Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Web Development: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

Spurred by global factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, capital and profits have been shifting. Because business and casual transactions moved online at the height of the pandemic, statistics show that ecommerce sales jumped by 32.1% while total retail sales of traditional companies increased by just 6.9% (U.S. Department of Commerce, Q4 ...Read More

Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in English: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

Nearly every industry has a demand for workers with good writing, communication, and organizational abilities. Luckily for English majors, these are the hallmarks of their training. In an English degree program, students are given the necessary coursework to hone their creativity in writing and develop collaboration and research skills. Majoring in English ...Read More

Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Respiratory Therapy: Guide to Online Programs for 2021

As the world battles air pollution, respiratory ailments may arise, which could lead to fatal results. Each year, 7 million people die from air pollution, 4.3 million of whom succumb to outdoor pollution (World Health Organization, 2019). The medical professionals tasked to keep this from occurring are respiratory therapists who specialize in ...Read More

Best Online Certificate Programs for Dental Assistant: Guide to Online Diplomas for 2021

Americans now understand the importance of oral health, hence the demand for regular dental visits. Better access to health insurance also encourages more people to seek dental help. These trends, along with the growing dependence on assistants in dental clinics, result in the call for workers to fill out dental assisting roles ...Read More

Should College Be Free? The Economic Impact of Free College

There is an ongoing crisis in student loans. In 2020, student loan debt in the United States reached a staggering $1.56 trillion with 45 million borrowers (Friedman, 2020). Four years prior, in 2016, around 1.5 million students in the US graduated with debt, with the average loan for each graduate amounting to ...Read More