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United Kingdom Established: 1963 Scholars: 11
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Position in the ranking is based on each scientist’s h-index using data compiled from Microsoft Graph by December 6th 2021.

This ranking lists all top researchers from the Law and Political Science discipline and affiliated with University of Essex. There are a total of 11 researchers included with 7 of them also being included in the global ranking. The total sum for the h-index values for top scientists in University of Essex is 338 with a mean value for the h-index of 30.73. The total sum of publications for top scientists in University of Essex is 954 with the mean value for publications per scientist of 86.73.


The University of Essex is a public university known for its research-led instruction and commitment to research. It is also known for its strong regard for human welfare, with many global organizations recognizing its continuing research on international human rights. The university is also one of the founding institutions of the Young Universities for the Future of Europe and the Young European Research Universities group, both of which pave the way for collaborative intercontinental research.
Essex’s academics are divided into three faculties (Humanities, Science and Health, and Social Sciences) and over 20 departments. It offers around 900 undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional programs spanning a wide variety of fields. Among these, the most highly regarded ones include Political Science, Business, Economics, Social Sciences, Literature, Law, and Computer Science.
Essex’s main campus is located in the 200-acre Wivenhoe Park, two miles away from one of Britain’s oldest towns, Colchester. Standing in the vicinity are its three flagship institutes, which specialize in Human Rights, Analytics and Data Science, and Social and Economic Research, respectively. The university features a modern gym with cutting-edge equipment, a cinema, and a six-floor library. Essex also has two other campuses—one in Southend and another in Loughton.
In regard to its research, Essex mainly delves into Humanities, Science and Health, and Social Science. Besides its work on international human rights, the institution has gained recognition for its research on Politics, Sociology, Economics, Business, Law, Art History, and Philosophy. Its teaching framework has also picked up awards as the university applies a combination of traditional and digital methods of instruction.
Founded in 1963, the University of Essex traces its beginnings in 1959, when British politician Charles Leatherland proposed to establish a university in Essex County. When the proposal was accepted, the development plan for the institution was quickly deployed. In 1964, Essex University held its initial classes, which were attended by 122 students and administered by 28 faculty members.
As of 2020, Essex welcomes over 11,000 undergraduates, 3,000 postgraduate students, 800 faculty and research staff, and 1,000 research staff. It has also forged partnerships at the national and international level, offering degrees with universities in Germany, France, China, Singapore, Russia, and Japan.
Currently, Essex is associated with four Nobel Peace Prizes. Its list of notable alumni includes Oscar Arias (Costa Rican president), Kevin Casas Zamora (Costa Rican vice president), John Bercow (UK politician), David Yates (filmmaker), and Rodolfo Neri Vela (first Mexican astronaut).
Essex aims to further its effort to incorporate research into its teaching and apply progressive approaches to instruction. It also encourages its students to challenge convention, inequality, and injustice for the betterment of global society.
172 World 24 National Paul Whiteley

Paul Whiteley

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 43 Citations 11,309 144
178 World 25 National Kristian Skrede Gleditsch

Kristian Skrede Gleditsch

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 42 Citations 15,446 108
198 World 27 National Timothy J. Hatton

Timothy J. Hatton

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 40 Citations 10,592 102
209 World 29 National Ian Budge

Ian Budge

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 40 Citations 13,862 101
284 World 40 National David Howarth

David Howarth

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 34 Citations 6,672 129
558 World 83 National Nigel South

Nigel South

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 27 Citations 4,435 115
906 World 138 National Jonathan B. Slapin

Jonathan B. Slapin

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 24 Citations 3,422 51
1006 World 163 National Hugh Ward

Hugh Ward

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 23 Citations 5,029 52
1008 World 161 National Lawrence Ezrow

Lawrence Ezrow

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 23 Citations 4,336 34
1157 World 203 National Ivor Crewe

Ivor Crewe

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 22 Citations 4,475 44
1159 World 202 National Ileana Steccolini

Ileana Steccolini

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 22 Citations 2,865 77
1586 World 281 National Anthony King

Anthony King

University of Essex, United Kingdom
H-index 20 Citations 3,544 41

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