Best Environmental Sciences Universities in France 2023

The 2nd edition of ranking of the best universities in the discipline of Environmental Sciences was created using data derived from multiple data sources including OpenAlex and CrossRef. The bibliometric data for estimating the citation-based metrics were gathered on 21-12-2022. Position in the ranking is based on a sum of D-indexes (Discipline H-index) of all ranking scholar’s affiliated with a given institution. D-index includes exclusively papers and citation values for an examined discipline.
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The range of our Environmental Sciences research’s best universities ranking is a credible lineup of leading scientists from the area of Environmental Sciences , based on a thorough examination of 166,880 researchers identified from various bibliometric data sources. For the field of Environmental Sciences, more than 11258 scientists were analysed.

What is D-index inclusion threshold for Environmental Sciences
The D-index threshold for approving a researcher to be evaluated is placed at 30 if most of their publications are in the area of Environmental Sciences. The inclusion requirements for researchers to be considered into the ranking of top scholars are based on the D-index, proportion of the publications made within the specific field of study as well as the awards and achievements of the scientists. The D-index threshold for listing top scholars is set as an increment of 10 depending on the overall number of researchers assessed for each discipline whilst ensuring that the top 1% of best scientists are considered into the ranking. We estimate a proximity of 30% or less between a scholar’s general H-index and their D-index.

Additional verification rules
Because our main goal is to make sure that only actual researchers are mentioned in our ranking we realize that metrics are never supposed to be a complete measure to assess the output of researchers. Because of that we manually verify every profile and cross-correlate it against publications in a broad range of reliable sources. While it’s not a factor contributing to a researcher’s position in our ranking, the number of papers published in major journals and conference proceedings should constitute a valuable secondary indication of their contribution to research in a specific field of study. Position in the ranking is determined by each scientist’s D-index using data compiled from OpenAlex and CrossRef, which are the most trustworthy and well-established bibliometric databases of this kind open to the scientific community. A thorough overview of our research policy can be found on our methodology page.

Our agenda
Our objective is to inspire scholars, businessmen and administrative bodies worldwide to explore where prominent experts are heading and to give an opportunity for the whole research community to discover who the leading experts in specific disciplines, in various countries, or even within research institutions are.
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Key findings for Environmental Sciences
With 35 scientific affiliations France ranks in spot 9 in the world.

As far as institutions are concerned, the affiliation with the highest number of top scholars in France is Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées with 33 scientists affiliated with it being present in Environmental Sciences ranking. It is followed by Université Paris Cité with 27 scientists and Sorbonne University with 21 researchers.

The most prominent researchers in the discipline of Environmental Sciences in France are associated with École Normale Supérieure, Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, University of Bordeaux, University of Lille, University of Paris-Saclay, Université Paris Cité, Paul Sabatier University, University of Paris-Sud, French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, University of Clermont Auvergne. Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées is featured as the best university in the France in our ranking with a total D-index of its ranking researchers at 1402. Ranking on spot no. 2 is Université Paris Cité with a total D-index of 1142. The third position is taken by University of Paris-Saclay with a total D-index of 963.

The average total D-index for the top 5% universities is 270 against an average of 270 for all 35 institutions included in ranking.

The average number of publications within the field of Environmental Sciences by scholars affiliated with the top 3% of researchers in the ranking is 1069 against an average of 1069 for all 35 universities.

The average number of citations of scholars affiliated with the top 5% universities is 59898 against an average of 59898 for all 35 universities.

University Details
Σ Publications
Σ D-Index D-index (Discipline H-index) only includes papers and citation values for an examined discipline in contrast to General H-index which accounts for publications across all disciplines.
25 World 1 National Scholars 33 5,269 Σ D-index 1,402
41 World 2 National Scholars 27 5,233 Σ D-index 1,142
57 World 3 National Scholars 18 4,454 Σ D-index 963
61 World 4 National Scholars 21 3,620 Σ D-index 930
71 World 5 National Scholars 21 2,989 Σ D-index 852
105 World 6 National Scholars 15 1,997 Σ D-index 620
127 World 7 National Scholars 9 1,601 Σ D-index 494
160 World 8 National Scholars 7 1,469 Σ D-index 416
174 World 9 National Scholars 9 1,358 Σ D-index 377
249 World 10 National Scholars 5 1,219 Σ D-index 272
273 World 11 National Scholars 6 874 Σ D-index 235
287 World 12 National Scholars 5 801 Σ D-index 221
308 World 13 National Scholars 5 1,047 Σ D-index 201
340 World 14 National Scholars 4 564 Σ D-index 182
414 World 15 National Scholars 3 436 Σ D-index 116
454 World 16 National Scholars 2 423 Σ D-index 101
487 World 17 National Scholars 2 417 Σ D-index 89
489 World 18 National Scholars 2 488 Σ D-index 88
493 World 19 National Scholars 2 289 Σ D-index 85
533 World 20 National Scholars 2 240 Σ D-index 74
572 World 21 National Scholars 2 323 Σ D-index 66
586 World 22 National Scholars 2 200 Σ D-index 63
634 World 23 National Scholars 1 202 Σ D-index 49
635 World 24 National Scholars 1 174 Σ D-index 49
645 World 25 National Scholars 1 401 Σ D-index 46
663 World 26 National Scholars 1 158 Σ D-index 44
690 World 27 National Scholars 1 208 Σ D-index 41
769 World 28 National Scholars 1 191 Σ D-index 36
816 World 29 National Scholars 1 137 Σ D-index 34
864 World 30 National Scholars 1 115 Σ D-index 32
875 World 31 National Scholars 1 77 Σ D-index 32
885 World 32 National Scholars 1 151 Σ D-index 31
892 World 33 National Scholars 1 128 Σ D-index 31
908 World 34 National Scholars 1 81 Σ D-index 31
920 World 35 National Scholars 1 100 Σ D-index 30

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