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Wireless Communication Technologies in 5G and 6G

Wireless Communication Technologies in 5G and 6G

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Submission Deadline: 31-10-2021
Journal Impact Score: 4.46
Journal Name: Entropy
Publisher: Entropy
Journal & Submission Website: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/entropy

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Dear Colleagues,

Fifth-generation (5G) mobile technology is expected to be operational by 2020 and is currently attracting extensive research interest from both industry and academia, with a specific focus on its opportunities and challenges, as well as the research developments which are enabling 5G technology. This is particularly important as, with 5G technology only just now being rolled out, work has already begun on the sixth-generation (6G) standard. In March 2019, a global 6G Summit event was held in Finland, and 6G is expected to bring forth a great revolution in communication technologies as it will enable the Internet of Everything. Compared with 5G technology, the future 6G technology is expected to allow even higher throughputs, even shorter latency times, greater component density, and the mass integration of artificial intelligence in all segments constituting the network.

As we move toward next-generation 6G mobile radio, many challenges will need to be fully mastered concerning individual components and their interactions. There are four research areas in 6G: wireless connectivity, devices and circuit technology, distributed computing, and services and applications.

This Special Issue encourages high-quality papers that advance the state of the art and practical applications of future 6G technologies. This feature topic will bring together academic and industrial researchers to identify and discuss the significant opportunities and challenges in applying 6G technologies to the understanding and design of modern network systems.

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Wireless Communication Technologies in 5G and 6G

Wireless Communication Technologies in 5G and 6G

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