20 Best Curriculum Management Software in 2023

20 Best Curriculum Management Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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Effective teaching and learning is the ultimate goal of the curriculum management process. As such, digitizing the management of curriculum through the use of curriculum management software facilitates the continuous improvement of teaching and learning. It also makes educational institutions more agile in the age of digital transformation.

Curriculum mapping, content and structure analysis, student assessment program evaluation, and the process of research, review, and revision are just some of the core elements of curriculum management. Automating these workflows by employing technology significantly helps in the improvement of the teaching and learning process.

This article provides a list of the best curriculum management software, including the unique features of each platform. In this way, you can better explore the options available on the market and pinpoint which one meets your unique requirements. Most of the vendors on this list offer quote-based pricing so you can be sure that you can get plans according to your preferences and budget.

Best Curriculum Management Software Table of Contents

  1. The State of Curriculum Management
  2. What are the benefits of using curriculum management software?
  3. List of the Best Curriculum Management Software

The State of Curriculum Management

School curriculum is considered to be of high quality when the instructional materials and assessments are aligned with standards. The ineffective use of curriculum resources, however, is a major concern in curriculum management according to 57% of teachers (Technology and Learning, 2020).

Source: Technology and Learning

The manual preparation of the course curriculum demands time from teachers, which could be allotted to provide personalized and custom learning to students. Teachers also spend a significant amount of time looking for relevant resources. Recent data reveals that teachers spend an average of five hours per week searching for resources. Meanwhile, they spend up to nine hours weekly for curriculum development (Learning Counsel, 2021).

time cost of curriculum development

To add to this workload, teachers have to ensure that all instructional materials are aligned with the specific standards of their districts. On average, there are 300 to 500 learning standards for each grade level in a typical school district in the United States. This number can be higher for larger school districts, making it harder for educators to keep up with requirements (Learning Counsel, 2021).

learning standards in US school districts

What are the benefits of using curriculum management software?

Curriculum management software provides solutions to the above-mentioned challenges. By automating the process of curriculum mapping, content and structure analysis, student assessment, and program evaluation, teachers are provided with the support that they need. Consequently, teaching and learning approaches are improved as more time is given to the individual needs of students. Curriculum management software also allows teachers to be involved in the design and selection of instructional materials.

For instance, many teachers today believe that topics such as citizenship (38%), environmental sustainability (38%), physical health (35%), and computational thinking (35%) should be incorporated into modern curricula (School Education Gateway, 2021).

Source: School Education Gateway

Curriculum management platforms facilitate the collaboration of teachers in designing a curriculum and ensure that all instructional materials are aligned with specific state standards, a factor that 73.3% of teachers deem extremely important (EdReports, 2021). In addition, curriculum management software integrates lesson planning tools that automatically provide relevant resources.

important curriculum considerations

High-quality and aligned instructional materials are important because they ensure the growth and quality of learning of every student. It can help teachers meet their priorities when it comes to the students’ learning experience. These include the creation of student engagement materials, games, family engagement materials, and more (Cuprack, 2021). The features of curriculum management software such as the automated selection of target standards and resources, the instant iteration of curriculum to match student demand and pathways, learning outcome validation, and curriculum analytics empower teachers and learners.

Source: Curriculum Associates

List of the Best Curriculum Management Software

1. Kuali Curriculum: For Higher Education Curriculum Management

kuali dashboard

Kuali Curriculum is a software solution for curriculum management that offers transparent and easy-to-use workflows. It gives your team the ability to highlight dependencies, which ensures that students are not missing specific requirements for course completion. Kuali Curriculum also enables you to view and track all curriculum information in a single dashboard.

Key Features

  • Built to work well with your existing tech stack as it integrates with other systems
  • Offers simple and seamless onboarding, making it great for technologically challenged users.
  • Provides a unified space to manage and view curriculum data
  • Ensures transparency at every step of the process
  • Provides modular, cloud-native technology so it can scale according to your needs
  • Generates custom reports, giving users insights into their curriculum management process
  • Can handle custom workflow rules, allowing it to adapt to your existing processes
  • Consolidated workflow for the curricular approval process

2. Creatrix Campus: For Intensive Outcomes-Based Curriculum

Creatrix dashboard

Creatrix Campus is a curriculum management system that facilitates outcomes-based curriculum mapping through streamlined planning, designing, and execution. It helps faculty members to work towards continuous improvement by creating, managing, maintaining courses, measuring learning outcomes, and demonstrating the competencies of the student. Creatrix Campus has an intuitive curriculum approval process that lets you connect your curriculum to learning outcomes while streamlining the collaboration and approval process.

Key Features

  • Lets users assign roles based on hierarchy to ensure only authorized staff can make changes to your curriculum data
  • Streamlines curriculum, catalog, and syllabus collaboration
  • Instills curriculum with assessment data and student feedback
  • Enables users to create and edit workflows using no-code condition, making it ideal for schools with no in-house IT
  • Permits a single workflow that handles multiple scenarios
  • Comes with curriculum version control so users can monitor any changes made to the data
  • Offers simplified reporting tools for easy analysis of curriculum data
  • Generates comprehensive curriculum mapping reports
  • Seamlessly integrates into other systems, making it compatible with your existing tech stack
  • Supports error-free complex curriculum mind mapping aligned to LO’s and SLOs

3. CourseLeaf CIM: For Fully Online Curriculum Process

Courseleaf CIM dashboard

Courseleaf CIM is a curriculum inventory management software that takes the entire curriculum process online, making it easy to regularly create relevant content. It has dynamic forms that facilitate intelligent workflow, enabling processes to move forward without manual intervention. The custom forms are designed to align with campus policies. The content is also pre-populated with data from the system of record, which allows for the quick identification of new courses and modification of existing ones.

Key Features

  • Equipped with intuitive and dynamic forms so staff members can propose new courses, ask for approvals, and more
  • Can automatically track and color-code edits through the forms feature
  • Ensures that only relevant staff members are notified when changes are made to the curriculum data
  • Handles advanced integration with a multitude of other systems
  • Comes with a comprehensive archive that allows you to previous information for later review

4. Coursedog: Integrated Academic Operations Platform

Coursedog cms dashboard

Coursedog is a curriculum management platform that integrates academic and event scheduling, curriculum and catalog management, and course demand projections and analytics. Using a single, bi-directional integration with SIS, Coursedog executes student-centric, cost-efficient schedules while integrating academic scheduling. This end-to-end solution delivers actionable course demand projections that support operational excellence. Coursedog integrates with communication platforms as well as SSO providers like SAML, Shibboleth, and CAS.

Key Features

  • Handles academic and event scheduling to improve curriculum and school activity planning
  • Executes resource-optimized, student-centric scheduling
  • Generates course demand projections and analytics for a data-driven approach to curriculum management
  • Comes with a catalog management platform to help you review curriculum data easier
  • Can support curriculum iteration to match student demand and pathways
  • Lets users publish up-to-date courses, requirements, and schedules online
  • Equipped with seamless, bi-directional SIS integration

5. Atlas: One Unified System for Curriculum Mapping

Atlas cms dashboard

Atlas curriculum management software helps schools initiate, re-design, and continually refine and improve curriculum development processes in a single unified system. By offering a seamless and integrated experience, the Atlas curriculum planning platform lets schools manage different types of curriculum design for the same course. It also provides unit planner templates that are designed to evolve with your curriculum development.

Key Features

  • Comes with a map type tool for course design, making it easy to navigate even for novice users
  • Provides unit planner templates so users need not start from scratch when creating curriculum plans.
  • Offers tools to help you align curriculum with pre-existing standards
  • Lets users select from target standards and add resources to  each lesson
  • Sends lesson plans from Atlas to your Google Classroom for easier information dissemination
  • Turns curriculum data into powerful insights through robust analytics
  • Uses Single-Sign-On for stronger data security
  • Offers Learning Tools Interoperability Integration so you have a single framework for learning management
  • Offers a completely OneRoster-Ready interface

6. Akari Curriculum Management: For Connected and Cohesive Curriculum

Akari cms dashboard

Akari is a platform for curriculum management that gathers insights and digital assets while streamlining processes. It empowers academics, supports institutional sustainability, and facilitates learner success. Using the Akari curriculum planning software, you can design an outcomes-based curriculum and keep learning objectives aligned with learning competencies.

Key Features

  • Provides a single source of curriculum truth
  • Offers learning outcome validation to help you measure the effectiveness of your curriculum
  • Improves delivery quality using a continuous feedback loop
  • Identifies content redundancies to ensure you have straightforward and efficient lesson plans
  • Reduces accreditation prep time
  • Comes with a business intelligence tool to help you gain insights into your curriculum​
  • Offers system integrations that reinforce management and leadership
  • Generates data that uncovers revenue generation opportunities​ alongside learning outcomes

7. Chalk: For Integrated Curriculum and Lesson Planning

Chalk cms dashboard

Chalk is a curriculum management software designed to manage a unified system for creating digital curricula and lesson planning. It enables academics to engage and collaborate for daily professional development and supports a hybrid course delivery method. Chalk tools include robust visual curriculum analytics with specific academic standards that show how teacher instruction and student learning are progressing. The Chalk analytics tool also identifies specific areas of the curriculum that are effective and promotes continuous improvement in curriculum plans.

Key Features

  • Provides curriculum analytics to help users make sense of learning outcomes and curriculum efficiencies
  • Provides standards alignment to ensure that all curriculum plans complement one another.
  • Comes with a lesson planning tool so that users need not rely on separate software for the specific lessons to be used for the curriculum
  • Facilitates real-time collaboration between educators and administrators
  • Supports public sharing so it is simpler to distribute the information to other teachers and parents
  • Comes with instructional coaching functionalities
  • Has a resource warehouse to give educators easy access to the references they need to make lesson plans
  • Comes with unlimited online support and chat consisting of educators
  • Has data security tools to help you make sure that your information is safe from prying eyes

8. CourseLoop Curriculum Management: For Streamlined Processes

Courseloop cms dashboard

CourseLoop Curriculum Management is a software solution that increases the efficiency of workflows by providing dynamic workflows. By giving users total visibility and control of the curriculum process, a collaborative and cohesive workflow is achieved while at the same time eliminating redundant tasks. CourseLoop Curriculum Management is purpose-built to streamline and integrate the various processes involved in designing a curriculum, which results in reduced administrative overhead. This also provides maximum visibility for a collaborative and efficient experience.

Key Features

  • Can support nimble workflows to help you streamline all processes
  • Offers collaboration tools, which make it easy for educators to work simultaneously on a curriculum
  • Has version control options so you can easily review changes to the curriculum plan
  • Comes with permission management so administrators can control who can make changes to the information stored in the system
  • Lets users access and manage proposals through a single dashboard
  • Has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to enjoy little to no learning curve
  • Provides a single source for definitive data
  • Automates notifications so all parties involved in curriculum management stay up-to-date on any changes

9. Watermark Curriculum Strategy: For Simplified Curriculum Management

Watermark cms dashboard

Watermark Curriculum Strategy is a curriculum management software solution for higher education that facilitates collaboration. Using an intuitive curriculum management workflow,  Watermark connects the curriculum to an outcomes-based education strategy. It streamlines catalog creation and curriculum development, while the system provides real-time updates to ensure that the online catalog is always accurate. Using student feedback and data, Watermark Curriculum Strategy continually improves curriculum content towards improving the teaching and learning strategy.

Key Features

  • Serves as an all-in-one curriculum management solution, thanks to its comprehensive feature set
  • Shows all collaborators the status of tasks for easier tracking
  • Reduces duplicate data entry of curricular changes
  • Ensures data consistency
  • Provides seamless SIS integration
  • Streamlines curriculum and catalog collaboration
  • Performs real-time catalog updates so you can be sure that you are looking at the right version of the curriculum at all times
  • Uses student feedback and assessment data to help you make informed curriculum changes
  • Easily integrates with Ellucian Ethos API

10. edInsight Curriculum Management System: For Managing Curriculum Design and Delivery

edInsight cms dashboard

The edInsight Curriculum Management System (CMS) is an easy-to-use online tool for managing curriculum design and delivery. It has a flexible configuration that oversees all the stages of the curriculum lifecycle and enables districts to follow any curriculum methodology. You can also configure edInsight CMS based on your unique curriculum procedures. It provides access to a resource library of best practices that is also integrated with the lesson planner and curriculum tools.

Key Features

  • Provides tailored student learning experiences and solutions, thanks to its intuitive functionalities
  • Offers targeted remediation strategies
  • Ties curriculum units and objectives to state standards and anchors
  • Lets users build, share and analyze curriculum and assessments while aligning them to state standards
  • Enables the creation of custom lessons directly from the curriculum

11. DreamClass: For Fully Online School Management

Dreamclass dashboard

DreamClass school management software includes a class management feature that helps build, organize, and modify curriculum structure online. It supports all relevant administrative processes by creating a representation of the classes, courses, or training subjects offered by the institution. Aside from curriculum management, DreamClass also includes tools for the management of admissions, students, attendance, financials, teacher, academics, and schedules. It also includes a student and teacher portal. Subscription for the Basic Plan starts at $29 per month, paid yearly, for up to 40 students.

Key Features

  • Lets users create classes, subjects, and curriculum remotely
  • Comes with notification systems to help keep teachers, students, and guardians in the loop at all times
  • Helps educators and administrators register students and add new ones in seconds
  • Lets users build, organize, and modify curriculum structure online
  • Enables schools to control teaching capacity and class hours for more efficient time and facility use
  • Assigns teachers to classes and teaching subjects accordingly
  • Tracks attendance online, for easy management and instant notifications
  • Built to work for any type of educational institution

12. Top Hat: The All-in-One Teaching and Learning Platform

Top Hat dashboard

Top Hat is a curriculum management software that empowers educators and students through its dynamic software. It delivers personalized, equitable, and meaningful learning in every course. This all-in-one teaching and learning platform provides intuitive learning tools and interactive textbooks. Moreover, it identifies which tools and methods are most effective for specific groups of learners. This platform also captures data from quizzes, polls, assignments, tests, and attendance, and translates these data into actionable insights. Top Hat Pro starts at $30 per student while the Top Hat Basic is free. Professors can subscribe to Top Hat for free.

Key Features

  • Lets users prepare polls and quizzes to make lesson plans more engaging
  • Supports in-class discussions so you need not worry about not having a separate classroom management tool
  • Can store digital and interactive textbooks, which makes all resources easily accessible to educators and students
  • Has an assignment feature that lets educators track learning outcomes
  • Can facilitate secure online tests and exams right on the platform
  • Generates learning insights to help administrators analyze the effectiveness of their curriculum

13. Kiddom Education Platform: For Complete Curriculum Management

Kiddom dashboard

Kiddom Education Platform is an all-in-one curriculum management software that provides a high-quality digital curriculum, instruction, and assessment platform for teaching and learning. It partnered with the highest-quality curriculum providers to be able to offer the best platforms for the learning community. The partners of Kiddom Education are highly rated by EdReports, and give access to a top-rated curriculum that increases learner engagement and reduces teacher workload. Pricing for Kiddom depends on the format chosen, curriculum publisher, and additional features.

Key Features

  • Has access to custom educational content solutions, thanks to its partnership with Kendall Hunt Publishing
  • Provides digital curricula through Open Up Resources
  • Lets educators manage curriculum scope and sequence
  • Enables the editing of curriculum timing, enrichment, cultural relevance
  • Helps users create standards-aligned curriculum
  • Generates views of curriculum usage and efficacy for improved analysis
  • Comes equipped with other tools like Kiddom Live, Lesson Launch, SIS, and LMS Integrations

14. PlanbookEdu: The Web-Based Lesson Planning Tool

planbookedu dashboard

PlanbookEdu is a web-based curriculum management software that allows educators to collaborate on a single platform for the creation of lesson plans as well as for lesson content design and analysis. Educators only need a web browser and internet connection to be able to work with colleagues, administrators, or substitutes. PlanbookEdu also allows users to set role-based access. It seamlessly integrates with Google Apps for Education and offers a unified solution to schools that are already using Google for document management, calendar, and email. PlanbookEdu offers a free plan with limited features while the Premium plan starts at $25 per year.

Key Features

  • Provides anytime, anywhere access so that you can view and make changes to curriculum data as conveniently as possible
  • Offers Word Processor-like editing to eliminate steep learning curves
  • Supports all major browsers
  • Compatible with iPads and iPhones for better mobile access
  • Lets users attach files to lesson plans for a more comprehensive look at the curriculum
  • Supports common core standards
  • Enables users to embed their Planbook on their site
  • Lets users share plans and collaborate with colleagues

15. OnCourse Curriculum Builder: Integrates Online Curriculum and Lesson Planning

OnCourse dashboard

OnCourse Curriculum Builder is a curriculum management platform that takes interactivity, teacher engagement, and integration to new heights. It combines online curriculum and lesson planning to develop an exceptional fusion that educators will find very useful in curriculum engagement and standards-alignment. You can also create dynamic curriculum maps to ensure that all benchmarks are met throughout the school year. OnCourse keeps your school up-to-date with Common Core and other relevant standards.

Key Features

  • Comes with a built-in curriculum portal
  • Offers unit builders to make lesson planning easier than ever
  • Facilitates curriculum mapping to help educators visualize learning paths more effectively
  • Comes with standards alignment to ensure that all lesson plans follow the recommended guidelines
  • Offers comprehensive and flexible permissions so you can control who can view and edit your lesson plans
  • Provides instructional activity tracking

16. Embarc Curriculum Mapping and Management Solution: Aligning Lessons With Curriculum

Embarc dashboard

Embarc Curriculum Mapping and Management Solution is a platform that links learning objectives with the process of lesson development, delivery, assessment, and refinement. It facilitates this workflow across teachers, classrooms, and grade levels in K-12 school districts. Embarc sees to it that lessons are aligned with the rigorous curriculum to guarantee systematic growth. By reducing duplication of effort, Embarc also improves workflow efficiency.

Key Features

  • Supports over 60 reporting features to help you make sense of curriculum data
  • Enables administrators to analyze instructional patterns
  • Exports instructional plans in PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint format
  • Offers a Comments Report tool for course updates, allowing everyone to add notes to any changes made to the curriculum
  • Comes equipped with coverage and gap analysis tools to ensure you are not leaving any critical lessons out.

17. Curriculum Trak: Curriculum Management For Faith-Based Schools

Curriculum trak dashboard

Curriculum Trak is a curriculum management software solution that offers tools for unit and lesson planning. Primarily used by teachers and school administrators, Curriculum Trak is a platform designed by faith-based educators to provide the specific requirements of faith-based schools. It enables schools to review, refine, and reflect on curricular decisions and connects you to a network of instructors that offer similar pedagogical principles, tools, and resources. The clear and intuitive tools of Curriculum Trak make instruction efficient and focused, while at the same time providing relevant training and support.

Key Features

  • Has a standards management function to help administrators streamline curriculum creation processes
  • Has a customizable interface, allowing it to adapt to your existing workflows
  • Offers a completely mobile-friendly platform so you can access it from anywhere
  • Supports single sign-on for your security
  • Easily integrates with Google
  • Facilitates publisher map imports
  • Gives you access to the extensive Curriculum Trak network
  • Generates four different categories of reports for better analysis
  • Integrates with FACTS SIS
  • Can analyze School-wide outcomes (ESOs)

18. Worktribe: For Cloud-Based Curriculum Management

Worktribe dashboard

Worktribe is a cloud-based curriculum management platform for collaborative curriculum development. It is intuitive, and the system architecture follows clear and structured workflows for agile curriculum development, including modification and validation. Worktribe makes it easy to track document editions by automatically capturing revisions and gives users access to version history. This clear activity log also ensures accountability and provides an audit trail. Worktribe enables higher education institutions to easily adapt and modify curricula based on changing demands.

Key Features

  • Reinforces clear, efficient workflows for curriculum development
  • Offers a single, accessible resource hub
  • Supports dynamic publishing for marketing channels
  • Can seamlessly integrate student records across platforms to minimize data entry
  • Generates real-time data insights and reporting for more efficient analysis of learning outcomes
  • Automatically generates curriculum and assessment maps
  • Has RESTful API capabilities to help it connect with third-party platforms

19. Moodle: For Course Development and Management

Moodle dashboard

Moodle, though more popularly known as a learning management platform, is also an open-source curriculum management software. The Moodle system can be expanded to function as a hub for academic collaboration and curriculum management. Within Moodle, you can create and organize courses based on your curriculum and incorporate educational standards. Moodle can also be configured to generate data on student access and performance on the site.

Key Features

  • Incorporates educational standards
  • Creates direct learning paths
  • Can be programmed to function as an information portal, making it a versatile tool for educators
  • Supports custom roles and permission for better control of data access
  • Comes with advanced data access and display
  • Can be set up to function as SIS
  • Offers various advanced enrollment plug ins
  • Has a modern interface that is easy to use even for those who have not used curriculum management platforms previously
  • Comes with regular security updates to make sure your data is safe
  • Has detailed reporting and logs, which are great for data-driven educational institutions

20. Eduphoria Forethought: For Dynamic Curriculum MappingEduphoria forethought dashboard

Eduphoria Forethought is a curriculum management software solution that features dynamic curriculum mapping tools. It seamlessly integrates curriculum content, instructions, and activities across a school district into the lesson planning process. Eduphoria Forethought allows educators to adjust instruction and flow of content to meet the changing demands of learners. During the planning process, Eduphoria Forethought gives easy access to scope and sequence to establish common conversation across teams and ensure unified instructional focus. Differentiation at the classroom level is guaranteed as teachers are given complete control of their planners.

Key Features

  • Offers an adaptable and responsive interface
  • Comes with dynamic curriculum construction and editing tools
  • Has Teacher-configured team planners for a more collaborative planning experience
  • Stores information on curriculum scope and sequence so educators can easily refer to it during the lesson planning process
  • Integrates with the Aware app
  • Has an interface that puts the planning process in the control of teachers rather than administrators and non-teaching staff

Future-Proof Your Institution with Best Curriculum Management Software

Curriculum management software is essential for schools to quickly adapt to the ever-changing education landscape. The best curriculum management software provides all the tools that can help in improving learning and teaching approaches, resources, tools, and processes. At the same time, it also offers the flexibility that institutions need to keep their identity and uniqueness as educators and learning centers.

At the core of every curriculum management software is the mechanism to improve current and future academic offerings. From curriculum mapping to program evaluation, we have seen that each platform on our list offers features for collaboration and tools for effective facilitation of feedback.

While some curriculum management tools are specialized such as the curriculum management software for faith-based schools, as well as the platforms designed for higher education, all the solutions provide tools for streamlining processes and improving collaboration. Learning in the 21st century requires agility and adaptability. Having curriculum management software ensures that your institution will have this capability.

The push to accelerate the digital transformation of educational institutions is happening at a brisker pace and at different fronts. Institutions are spoiled for alternatives to various digital applications, having sophisticated tools ranging from the best school accounting software to the leading facilities management solutions at their disposal.

Students, meanwhile, can pick from any number of applications to help with their academic pursuits. For example, writing papers can be a challenging task for many, but with academic writing software tools around, it becomes largely manageable.



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