Best Classroom Management Software in 2023

Best Classroom Management Software in 2023
Imed Bouchrika, Phd by Imed Bouchrika, Phd
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Technology has permeated every aspect of modern life, including the administration of classes, which may now be accomplished entirely via the use of computer programs. The use of software designed specifically for managing classrooms contributes to the development of a more conducive learning environment for class occupants. And with one in three faculty members reporting that their schools or universities will include online classes as part of their course offerings in addition to face-to-face setup, classroom management software has become more important than ever (The Economist, 2020).

Teachers can keep tabs on their pupils’ internet activity using classroom management software. Additionally, these solutions allow instructors to remotely assist students with their questions, enhancing one-on-one learning. Choosing the correct classroom management software may take a significant amount of time and effort due to the large number of options now available on the market. In order to make your job easier, we have thoroughly examined every factor to consider and compiled a list of the best classroom management software options.

Best Classroom Management Software Table of Contents

  1. Key Classroom Management Statistics
  2. Why is classroom management software important?
  3. List of best classroom management software for schools

In classroom management, instructors and schools work together to ensure that students behave in a manner that is acceptable for their age and grade level. The goal of classroom management is to encourage students to be more cooperative and to improve their academic performance.

Classroom behavior management techniques have been demonstrated to be successful for 80%-85% of all learners when implemented in a tier-based strategy that provides universal school-wide assistance (Kratochwill et al., 2015).

Educators are often plagued with chaotic classrooms, which may lead to high levels of stress and burnout. Students benefit from both prevention and intervention when good classroom management tactics are implemented at the general level in a tiered format.

learning management strategy impact

Key Classroom Management Statistics

More than 80% of American lower secondary teachers said they were able to control some or all aspects of their students’ conduct in 2018 (National Center for Education Statistics, 2020). Specifically, 93% of instructors said they were able to make expectations for student conduct to some degree or another, and 88% said they were able to persuade students to obey classroom rules to some degree or another.

student conduct in America

Overwhelmingly, 85% of respondents said they were successful in reducing or eliminating disruptive conduct in the classroom, and over 80% said they were successful in quieting a disruptive or boisterous student.

Source: NCES, 202

Compared to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) average of about 91%, countries like Denmark, Hungary, and Portugal are at the top range at 98% or more when it comes to lower secondary teachers in public schools having the ability to make expectations about their student’s behavior. On the other side of the spectrum, countries like Japan, the Czech Republic, and South Korea are within the 60% to 80% range.

Sources: NCES, 2020

With many of the countries in the upper tier also showing higher student outcomes, this underscores the importance of classroom management and how it affects learner success. To keep students interested and minimize disturbances, teachers must be skilled in both academic education and classroom management.

In the end, if students are not paying attention and are not interested, they will not be able to learn. Effective classroom management is, thus, essential to ensuring that students behave appropriately, remain engaged, and ultimately do well in the classroom.

And, with classrooms moving towards a more engaged and digital setting, along with the possibility of hybrid formats, the need for classroom management apps is becoming more significant.

Why is classroom management software important?

Classroom management software allows instructors to observe, control, and track the use of students’ devices in the classroom. Without these technologies, instructors would be unable to keep track of every student’s computer screen. Teachers are able to keep their pupils on track when learners utilize technology in the classroom. Classroom management software helps students study better while also reducing disruptive conduct in the classrooms.

While the pandemic was expected to disrupt the adoption of classroom management solutions, just like any other industry, it has accelerated the implementation of such applications. As such, the global classroom management software market is set to grow up to $4.21 billion between 2021 to 2025. It shows progress at a CAGR of over 16% during the period (CISION, 2021).

growth of classroom management software market

As more and more educational institutions begin to implement remote and hybrid learning, there is a growing concern over investing in classroom management software. After all, each school or university has unique needs. To get you started, consider the following features when purchasing a classroom management application:

  • High-definition video streaming
  • Grid view of participants
  • Meeting control and management
  • Live presentation
  • Screen sharing
  • Communication methods such as chat
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Session recording functionalities
  • Cloud backup and storage

While the features above are enough to manage most classrooms, advanced features can further help educators manage and monitor student behavior and performance.

  • Class list and attendance management
  • Discipline management
  • Tests and assessments
  • Grading rubrics and management
  • Course management
  • Content management
  • Report cards

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best classroom management software in the market to make it easy for you to choose your next classroom solution.

List of best classroom management software for schools

1. Satchel One: Leading Classroom Management System in the UK

satchel_one dashboard

One in three secondary schools in the United Kingdom utilizes Satchel One, the top learning platform on the market. The company has developed classroom management tools that help students learn, save instructors time, and engage parents. Choose from applications like Show My Homework, Behaviour Management Suite, Seating, Timetables, Attendance, and Documents to design a custom learning platform for your school.

Besides being a Google for Education partner, Satchel One is also now a Microsoft partner. This means it can offer schools sophisticated integrations to help them implement an all-encompassing educational strategy. When these tools are combined, students get an online education like no other.

Key Features

  • Show My Homework seamlessly integrates Microsoft Teams and Google classroom that involves students, parents, and teachers in the homework process.
  • Behaviour Management Suite provides instructors with the tools they need to encourage good behavior in their students, criticize bad behavior, punish and reward pupils in accordance with their school’s particular behavior policy, and inform parents about these efforts.
  • Seating allows teachers to develop seating plans that include the students’ inclusion data, Behavior insights, and attainment information.
  • Timetables keep schedules synchronized during blended learning or school closures, and they guarantee that in-class courses run smoothly.
  • Attendance is an attendance and absence management system that comes with an online registration system and automated dashboard.
  • Documents is a home-school communication tool that enables and increases family participation and helps schools to exchange critical documents with parents and children directly via Satchel One.

2. ClassDojo: Connecting Teachers, Students, and Parents

ClassDojo dashboard

ClassDojo is a web-based tool for reinforcing healthy classroom culture and student conduct. Based on how well they behave in class, students are awarded ‘Dojo Points.’ Teachers utilize Class Dojo to communicate with parents about their children’s progress and classroom activities.

The class management solution encourages excellent conduct in the classroom and improves communication between school and home. Class Dojo’s ‘Dojo Points’ system and messaging system, which links instructors and parents, play a major role in this process. Students may utilize Class Dojo in their classrooms on a variety of devices, including PCs, tablets, cellphones, and projectors.

Key Features

  • Remote device monitoring to manage students’ computer activities from an admin terminal.
  • Application and website blocking ensure that students only access pre-approved websites, which prevents distractions.
  • Screen-sharing so teachers can broadcast to the entire class or select students.
  • Interactive quizzes, which include assessments, are accessible through the students’ devices.
  • Student assignment management where teachers can distribute and collect homework easily.
  • LMS integration which syncs messages across multiple eLearning platforms.

3. Affordable, Cloud-Based Classroom

classroom_cloud dashbaord is a cloud-based classroom administration and teaching software that works well for both on-site and off-site students and teachers. It is a terrific approach to keep students and instructors on track since there is no need to switch between various solutions for different scenarios.

It allows the instructor to share screen and audio in order to better explain the actions of the lesson, plus, it allows the teacher to communicate with the class and give each student a voice via the use of chat and message tools. They may use surveys to swiftly gain insight into everyone’s grasp of the content, and they can also provide prizes to pupils at certain times during the class. In addition, instructors may lock displays, restrict access to programs and websites, and eliminate other potential sources of distraction.

Key Features

  • Screen and audio sharing allow teachers to broadcast to their entire class.
  • Chat and messaging features make it easy to communicate with students. The monitoring functionality allows educators to view the students’ screens, what they are typing, who they are working with as well as the applications and tabs they are using.
  • Create ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ websites as well as control USB access to ensure students are only viewing appropriate content.
  • Lock screens, block webcam control, and manage students’ sound levels to help students focus during class activities.
  • Integration with Google Classroom, ClassLink, and Microsoft SDS

4. NetSupport School: Powerful Support Application for Both Teachers and Learners

netsupport_school dashboard

NetSupport School is a multi-platform classroom management system that provides schools and instructors with a plethora of specialized evaluation, monitoring, collaboration, and control capabilities. These features aid schools and teachers in achieving their educational goals. It assures the most effective use of classroom technology while also improving the learning results for students.

In order to assist teachers in making the most of their limited classroom time and keep their attention on the task at hand, NetSupport School offers a variety of user modes and quick-access tools that can be used by anybody, regardless of their level of technical expertise. With the use of real-time education, monitoring, and control technologies, educators are able to actively connect with their pupils, as well as keep the whole class engaged and on track. The use of flexible formative assessment features helps gamify lectures. This, in turn, encourages involvement and competitiveness among students while simultaneously emphasizing students’ comprehension and knowledge gaps.

Key Features

  • Monitoring features help educators ensure that students are focused on viewing their screen and applications to the websites that they access.
  • Typing and collaboration monitoring also help learners stay on track.
  • Teachers can share and communicate with their classes in real-time.
  • The presentation features such as the virtual whiteboard, drawing tools, and more make it easy to discuss topics and reach learning outcomes.
  • A dedicated Windows Technicians’ Console for IT staff helps them monitor school devices and support users.
  • The platform works on numerous devices such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Chromebooks.

5. Impero Education Pro: Combining Learning Well-Being and Device Management

impero_education_pro dashboard

Impero Education Pro enhances digital learning, provides help for IT administration, and efficiently monitors and manages concerns pertaining to learner safety by combining learner wellbeing and device management. Because it is compatible with all of the main operating systems, it enables a single view to be used to monitor and manage a wide variety of devices.

Teachers may see what their students are doing on the Internet in real-time, thanks to classroom management, education, and monitoring systems that allow them to see what they are doing on their students’ screens in real-time. It comes with a robust array of administrative capabilities that allow technical teams to enhance efficiency throughout a whole school’s network and guarantee that maintenance can be conducted with simplicity.

Key Features

  • The platform is designed to be used in most operating systems, from Windows to macOS.
  • Real-time visibility provides teachers with numerous classroom controls to view what students are doing, accessing, and creating.
  • Advanced administrative tools help technical teams streamline the maintenance and management of devices.
  • Real-time flags employ real-time monitoring and active keyword detection to prevent inappropriate behavior.
  • Acceptable use policies (AUPs) and group-specific guidelines make it easy to manage different groups such as teachers, school staff, and grade levels.

6. AB Tutor: Perfect Learning Tool for Networked Labs and Classrooms

Ab_tutor dashboard

AB Tutor is the ideal software application for managing classrooms and laboratories that are connected over a network. It will enable you to govern, manage, protect, demonstrate, assist, and interact with your students, which will ultimately lead to an improvement in performance. In classrooms worldwide, the program has been proven to boost classroom productivity, promote student safety, and increase energy efficiency to satisfy school requirements.

The platform is able to efficiently meet the requirements for school safety by having the capability to monitor and manage access to the Internet, apps, and electronic communications in any institution. It allows instructors to control all of the PCs and MACs in the classroom from one centralized interface, which gives them more confidence in what is occurring around the room. The IT team is able to implement centrally managed rules, including banned or white-listed websites and apps, using a robust scheduler that allows timings down to the minute.

Key Features

  • The central server system makes it easy to control logs, screenshots, screencaps, policies, and more.
  • Its classroom management features allow administrators and teachers to control device functionalities such as logons, manual and scheduled shutdowns, block-printing, muting computers, and more.
  • Teachers can lock screens, keyboards, and mice to ensure focus among students.
  • It can also remotely launch and close applications, visit websites, and open files.
  • Comes with some of the best school administration software features such as device inventory, remote services and processes, group monitoring, email violation notifications, and more.

7. Hāpara: Ideal Classroom Management Partner for Google Workspace


Hāpara provides a comprehensive learning environment for classrooms that are integrated into our Chromebook management for educational institutions. You can get access to hundreds of courses and materials that are linked to your curriculum and are fully customizable. The platform makes it easy to facilitate the delivery of diversified and individualized learning in the classroom as well as at home to assist in meeting the requirements of each individual learner.

Its Chromebook classroom management capabilities allow instructors insight into the browser activity of their students, which helps teachers guide their pupils toward becoming self-sufficient digital learners. This means that educators are able to make the most of their available teaching time while students acquire the skills necessary to navigate online settings in a responsible manner. Every student is empowered to remain safe and productive throughout their digital learning experience with the right kind of advice from their teachers.

Key Features

  • The platform is developed to work seamlessly with Google Classroom, PowerSchool, Clever, RIC One, and ClassLink.
  • Replicate teaching workflows easily with lesson planning, student performance, activity monitoring, instruction delivery, and assessment.
  • Create learning workflows in the cloud with tools for researching, note-taking, organizing, homework management, and more.
  • Complete teacher and parent visibility on students’ performance, highlighting due dates, missed assignments, alerts, grades, teacher feedback and messages, and share schoolwork.
  • School administrators have full access to classes, teachers, and students in at-school, remote, and hybrid settings.

8. Classtime: Modern Teaching Solution for Modern Classrooms


Classtime is a virtual classroom software that enhances in-class teaching by providing quick feedback on students’ comprehension. Teachers are able to easily utilize the platform’s effective assessment tool to engage every student and have instant insight into the learning progress of their pupils.

They may also design tech-enabled questions to supplement lesson plans, share already existing questions with other educators, or use more than 50,000 curriculum-aligned questions that are available to them for free. In addition to this, educators have the ability to include all of their pupils via the use of collaborative challenges and puzzles, therefore including enjoyment as an essential component of the educational process.

Key Features

  • The powerful student assessment feature provides answer analytics and real-time responses with a single overview.
  • Automated scoring allows teachers to focus on more important tasks.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom.
  • The platform comes with free question libraries where teachers can use more than 50,000 standards-aligned questions.
  • Create tests easily using different test formats such as multiple-choice, true or false, checkboxes, and more.
  • Add dynamic content such as math notations, images, and YouTube to improve audiovisual learning.

9. Lightspeed Classroom Management: Unparalleled Visibility Into Digital Classrooms


Lightspeed Classroom Management helps educators with the management of their digital classrooms as well as provides real-time insight into the activities of their students. Whether they are present in the room or not, teachers are able to monitor their students’ screens, dismiss tabs that might be distracting, block up to one hundred URLs, and allow screen sharing to create a collaborative and dynamic learning environment. The platform allows teachers to devote more time to instructing students and spend less time managing the classroom.

Teachers have the ability to keep their students signed in, engaged, and focused on the subject regardless of whether the class is in-person, hybrid, or virtual. They now have the power to oversee their students’ digital workspaces and online behavior, which enables them to offer support to students remotely, monitor the progress that students are making on their assignments, and create a learning environment that is more interesting for students.

Key Features

  • Monitor students’ screens with intuitive activity tables and real-time screen view.
  • School administrators can easily scale the platform from 100 to 100,000 students.
  • Customize controls such as closing tabs, locking devices, or limitin students’ web access.
  • The platform is partnered with Microsoft Education, which means it works well with the Microsoft Suite.
  • AI-based insights help alert teachers to unusual student activities.
  • Co-teaching features allow educators to share links, broadcast teacher or student screens, and check with students.

10. Netop Vision: Classroom Management Made Easy


Netop Vision gives educators the ability to scaffold the learning of their pupils while also ensuring that they stay on track. Teachers are able to supervise and monitor their students in real-time, regardless of whether they are in the same room or participating in remote learning. Instructors are able to monitor everything that the students are doing on their laptops and can see at a glance who is succeeding and who may need some more assistance.

With classroom management tools available for Chrome, Windows, and Mac, the platform makes it easier for educators to simply monitor and control the activities of students using computers. Through monitoring student activities in real-time and using a single click to refocus attention, they can ensure that students stay focused on the tasks at hand. Six million people across the globe use Vision to assist instructors in improving student learning and keeping them safe.

Key Features

  • Manage and monitor students’ screens to ensure that they are always on task, who is performing, and who needs help.
  • Web filters block distracting websites by allowing teachers to limit which websites students can visit.
  • The attention button helps teachers call the attention of their students when they get off track through visual cues and by freezing their screens.
  • Push URL makes it easy to direct students to the right websites and tools.
  • Teachers can broadcast to the entire class or share a student’s screen.
  • TeachPad is a five-button keypad that provides educators with one-touch classroom management capabilities.

11. Faronics Insight: Real-Time Assessment and Student Engagement Tool


Faronics Insight is powerful classroom management software that enables instructors to facilitate a more positive educational environment, all while simplifying IT administration and facilitating the management of educational laboratories. Teachers are able to retain classroom attention and encourage collaborative learning when they do not have to spend time monitoring the actions of their students.

The program makes it simple to observe what each student is doing behind their screens by providing a real-time thumbnail image of each device. This allows teachers to rapidly reply to students who want assistance or who have strayed from their assigned tasks. It is equipped with sophisticated capabilities that can manage on-site, remote, or hybrid classrooms and keep students engaged for improved educational outcomes.

Key Features

  • Real-time classroom monitoring gives teachers the ability to observe exactly what their pupils are engaged in at any given moment.
  • The sophisticated interactive chat and audio capability enables teachers and students to work together without any interruptions or delays.
  • Educators can create and administer tests, get instant feedback and results, as well as conduct polls and surveys.
  • Limit internet access, disable unnecessary programs and employ strong screen-locking commands to curb distracting behaviors.
  • Teachers can display their screen with the whole class or showcase a student’s screen. They may also use a single click to launch a website on all student devices or to shut undesirable apps.

12. LanSchool: Pioneer of Classroom Management Solution


With LanSchool‘s orchestration software, both students and teachers may benefit from the power of technology. The range of technologies makes it possible to have great one-on-one learning experiences as well as networked classes that facilitate dynamic learning and teacher collaboration.

LanSchool Air is a cloud-based classroom management program that gives teachers the ability to participate in meaningful dialogue with their pupils. It is suitable for use in contexts with a variety of devices and operating systems. Integration is easy, upgrades are performed automatically, and it is ready to grow to meet the requirements of the school or district. On the other hand, the locally hosted classroom management software known as LanSchool Classic gives teachers the ability to boost student engagement and encourage better overall results for their classes. The purposeful solution is intended to work with Mac and Windows computers, Chromebooks, and mixed-device classes. It is hosted on servers that are provided by the school or district.

Key Features

  • With simple-to-use, easy-to-monitor device protection solutions, monitoring and protection features direct classroom instruction and keep students safe.
  • Assist students in concentrating on their assignments by restricting their use of the Internet to just those sites that have been predetermined as appropriate and turning off their access to the Internet during all quizzes and examinations.
  • The displays of their students’ devices can be locked, and the focus of the class can be directed back to the instructor with only a press of a button.
  • Message capabilities enable you to simplify communication in the classroom, boost student involvement, and alter the emphasis. Take in inquiries from students and engage in conversation with them on an individual basis or with the whole group.
  • Instantly open the same website on all of the devices in the classroom to guarantee that students are constantly working on the assignment, remaining engaged, and prepared to learn, allowing teachers to save important time in the classroom.

13. DyKnow: Maximize and Manage School-Issued Devices Anywhere

Dyknow dashboard

DyKnow helps instructors to boost student engagement and teach effectively using technology by supporting them in overcoming distractions on school-issued devices. This makes it possible for teachers to provide instruction without interruptions from any location. The program is designed to aid instructors in attaining real-time visibility of student screens, teaching confidently using technology in any setting, and increasing student engagement in order to gain instruction time.

As a member of the Securely family of products, DyKnow integrates seamlessly with Securely Reveal. This software assists school administrators and technology coaches in tracking down instances of lost resources by measuring the degree to which school-issued electronic devices and technological resources are actually utilized. It runs smoothly on Chromebook, PC, and Mac computers, as well as in situations that have all three types. The platform connects directly with top Student Information Systems, allowing for deployment that is both seamless and accurate in the creation of class rosters.

Key Features

  • Whether you are teaching in-person or remotely, you can easily see all of your students’ screens in a single location. It just takes one click to get a pupil back on track when they stray from the assignment.
  • Customize student access during class time by allowing or disabling access to certain websites and apps.
  • Engage pupils quickly by sending messages, asking questions, or verifying that they grasp what you have said.
  • After class, look at the analytics to see how students used their devices. Use the activity logs for individual students or a class to uncover patterns in the use of websites and applications.
  • The program allows IT staff to utilize SIS and instantly sync users and rosters, thanks to automated rostering. Teachers just need to click start once, and their sessions will run seamlessly.

14. GoGuardian Teacher: Empowering Educators and Learners in K-12


The set of tools provided by GoGuardian enables educators and school administrators to make the most of the opportunities presented by one-to-one computer programs in their schools. It integrates features for filtering, classroom engagement, and school mental health into a single platform for easy access.

The software allows for the smooth integration of a wide variety of devices and platforms into a single deployment. GoGuardian’s suite of solutions can keep students protected on every device they use, including Chromebooks, Apple devices, and Windows computers. This is also great for schools with a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy. The vendor has a world-class support staff that is available to assist with nearly any difficulty. It even provides direct assistance to instructors. Additionally, it has a specialized implementation team that makes sure schools are prepared for success as soon as they adopt GoGuardian.

Key Features

  • Using the multi-award-winning filtering and device control solution provided by GoGuardian Admin, teachers can efficiently create digital learning environments.
  • GoGuardian Beacon alerts selected personnel whenever it detects behavior on the Internet that may point to a potential for suicidal thoughts, self-injury, or the potential for harming others.
  • The video conferencing, chat, and class announcement capabilities of GoGuardian Teacher allow instructors to assist and encourage each student throughout the whole class, regardless of whether they are present in the classroom or not.
  • Together, Edulastic, Pear Deck, and GoGuardian Teacher provide teachers the ability to evaluate where their learners are academically lacking at any given time and then share materials or provide one-on-one help, creating learning environments that are more equal for all of their pupils.
  • Products offered by GoGuardian are in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Rule (COPPA), and all other relevant state-level student data privacy requirements.

15. COOL: Virtual Teaching Assistant for Modern Classrooms


Every school day, COOL gets instructors and students off to a great start. All educational programs and homework, as well as Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 environments, can be accessed by everyone with a single login. The all-around virtual classroom support provides young learners with simple login choices, real-time learning monitoring, a specialized exam environment, and more.

Powerful modules like Picture login, QR login, Monitoring, COOL Check, and Plagiarism check can be added to the COOL Platform by schools. It also connects with Google Workspace, which allows administrators to quickly control which instructors and kids are moved from Google Workspace to COOL throughout the installation process.

Key Features

  • The COOL Platform acts as a free online learning hub for education apps, activities, homework, Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 apps.
  • COOL Picture and QR login simplify the login process for even the youngest students so they can start their day on their own.
  • Teachers can monitor the screens of one or more students using COOL Monitoring to see what they are doing online and how they are progressing in real-time.
  • The COOL Check tool lets teachers become exam-ready in only 10 seconds, guarantee that results are accurate in a closed setting, and enhance the attention and learning outcomes in their classrooms.
  • Teachers can use COOL Plagiarism Check to check their students’ work against a database of billions of websites in a single click. They are able to get a clear picture of the sources utilized and the proportion of plagiarism in a matter of minutes.

16. HP Classroom Manager: Classroom Management Software From a Trusted Brand


Through the use of HP Classroom Manager, educators and administrators are assisted in harnessing technology and embracing flexibility in order to reinvent the classroom. Because of the platform, they are able to foster an atmosphere conducive to collaborative learning, monitor student activity, assess progress, and provide encouraging comments.

It also makes it simple to examine the work done by students in real-time and to provide tests designed to measure their level of comprehension. Teachers can seamlessly manage the classroom environment and they can control and monitor student devices running on Windows, Chrome OS, Android, OS X, and iOS. They will have access to a wide variety of digital tools that are meant to redefine what it means to have a digital classroom, eliminate distractions that are not necessary, and improve the educational experience for students.

Key Features

  • Teachers can take control of student computers so that they can distribute information, limit access to applications, hardware, and the Internet, and facilitate one-on-one or group conversations. The software also allows for putting all external drives, including optical drives, USB devices, and other types of external drives, into read-only mode. This will help prevent the spread of unwanted materials, viruses, and the theft of information from the classroom.
  • Monitor the open programs, Web activity, and keyboard strokes of students to keep track of their progress and increase their level of involvement. The platform also records and analyzes the actions of learners using histories of the web, applications, instant messaging, and printing.
  • The app also allows for shared learning activities, such as messaging, group chats, webpages, papers, and more, which may significantly improve a student’s educational experience.
  • Build quizzes using audio and video clips, and immediately keep tabs on each student’s performance in real-time. Using answer surveys, teachers can instantly evaluate the students’ degree of understanding.
  • Start the student computers from the teacher or technician console, and save electricity by turning down all of the PCs at once from a centralized location.

17. Edmodo: Classroom Management Tool With Global Network


Edmodo is a powerful learning and class management software that combines educational material, secure communication, and assessment. It also allows students to communicate with one another in a secure environment. By using the student planner and the discussion threads, students and their parents are able to get prompt responses to issues, as well as keep up to date on the latest class assignments and events.

Teachers have the option of posting a “warm-up question” or conducting a fast poll in order to get student feedback on the subject of the day or to quickly evaluate students’ level of comprehension. Utilizing teacher-created tests and delegating part or all of the grading responsibilities to Edmodo are two more time-saving options available to teachers. In addition to this, teachers are able to effortlessly collect, evaluate, and return student essays in a digital format.

Key Features

  • Teachers are able to communicate with students, provide course materials, and make education accessible from almost any location.
  • Edmodo makes it simple to collaborate on digital assignments, develop and administer tests, and include technologies that are already in use.
  • Exploring Edmodo’s Discover section, perusing its Spotlight content, or following relevant hashtags are all excellent ways for educators to get ideas for their upcoming classes.
  • The latest information on the school is but a tap away. Using the Edmodo for Parents smartphone app, parents can monitor their child’s development regardless of where they are in the world.
  • Edmodo helps students worry less about their schoolwork by organizing it with features like class folders and an integrated Planner.

18. SchoolCues: Low-Cost Centralized School Management Platform for Small Schools


SchoolCues is a software solution for schools that can manage administrative tasks that has an integrated online and mobile user experience. This all-in-one solution is designed specifically for smaller schools, with the goal of making the management and administration of the school more straightforward from a single location. This software is perfect for schools that have limited resources, infrastructures, and budgets and need to simplify and monitor the parent audience in the mobile generation.

The modules that make up this solution for a school management system are school admissions and enrollment, school communications, parent interaction, a student information system, online payment processing, and school alumni administration. SchoolCues has also just released its COVID screening app, which is the first tool of its kind designed specifically for use in smaller schools.

Key Features

  • Maintain an accurate record of school attendance data for students enrolled in a variety of grade levels.
  • The teachers are able to quickly and simply deliver the homework assignments right into the email of the parents.
  • Make sophisticated lesson plans simple in a matter of seconds, and then distribute them to students and their families as required.
  • The COVID screening app will make it simple for schools to compile reports and identify children who have indicated that they are experiencing symptoms of the virus.
  • Students, courses, timetables, attendance, and custom data are all managed by school administrators using a single platform.

19. TeacherKit: Simplifying Classroom Management in One App


TeacherKit is a classroom management program that makes everything simple and effective. As a result, educators have more time to focus on other responsibilities like managing the classroom or interacting with parents. Additionally, it aids them in analyzing and disseminating information, making follow-ups more relevant and impactful for both children and parents.

The application is simple, intuitive, and packed with features, all of which combine to make day-to-day instruction a breeze. It frees educators from the burden of regular administration, enabling them to concentrate on the aspect of their jobs that really matters: teaching. With a few simple taps and teachers can keep track of everyone in their class and how they are behaving. K-12 educators, college professors, business trainers, and others may all benefit from this tool.

Key Features

  • Maintain a record of the attendance, conduct, and grades of the pupils, all in one mobile app.
  • Easy management of the seating plan and timely communication of changes without the need for time-consuming meetings.
  • Students are able to monitor their own grades, which can help them become more motivated while getting direct and immediate feedback.
  • The TeacherKit software for schools is used to manage both the instructors and the pupils.
  • Administrators have the ability to produce activity reports for instructors as well as send information to the parents.

20. Teachmint: Leading Educational Software in India


Teachmint is a provider of education infrastructure, empowering schools and instructors to revolutionize the teaching and learning experience in their institutions. Its cutting-edge and highly effective SaaS solutions, such as Learning Management System (LMS), integrated ERP for schools, and automated classroom tools for teachers, enable education providers to maintain a connection with their students, overcome geographical barriers, and improve efficiency with which they deliver lessons.

The platform is an extremely effective school and classroom administration system because of the many features that it provides to its users. All of an institute’s information and processes can be consolidated into a single digital platform, thanks to features such as automatic attendance, fee administration, online admission with inquiry, academics management, exam management with report cards, certificates, and many more.

Key Features

  • The platform makes it easy to deploy hybrid classes with features such as two-way live classes, recording of online and offline discussions, and sharing of recorded classes.
  • Its learning management module makes it easy for teachers to share study materials, assignments, and videos.
  • Teachmint also includes an end-to-end school management system where administrators can develop academic and lesson plans.
  • Teachers can launch exams and monitor attendance all in one place.
  • Both the LMS and ERP features collect insightful data and analytics to ensure tracking and improvement of lessons and classes.

Modern Solutions for the Classrooms of the Future

Reactionary classroom management is a problem for many instructors because it has the potential to interrupt instruction and eat up valuable class time. As long as a teacher has the necessary tools, such as LMS or classroom management apps, to properly manage their classroom and provide immediate feedback to their students while also ensuring that pupils are engaged in their own learning, they will be able to do their jobs more efficiently. In order to keep students interested, on task, and aware of the influence their actions have on others, teachers who practice responsive classroom management anticipate the needs of students and the obstacles they may face in the classroom.

With classes evolving into a more digital form, whether they are fully remote or hybrid, schools will need modern solutions to meet the needs of teachers, students, administrators, and parents. This is where classroom management software comes in. The top solutions above showcase the features and functionalities that a classroom management platform should have. With the right equipment and solution in place, schools will be ready to take learning into the future.



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