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UAHCI 2022 : International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction

UAHCI 2022 : International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction

Goetheburg , Sweden

Submission Deadline: Friday 08 Oct 2021

Conference Dates: Jun 26, 2022 - Jul 01, 2022

Impact Score 0.99


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Research Impact Score: 0.99
Contributing Top Scientist: 5
Papers published by Top Scientists 12
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 885

Conference Call for Papers

The related topics include, but are not limited to:
Access to cultural heritage
Access to education and learning
Access to health technologies
Access to mobile interaction
Access to on-line communities and eServices
Access to the Internet of Things
Access to the Web
Accessibility guidelines
Accessibility of Smart and Intelligent Environments
Accessible games
Accessible documents and multimedia
Accessible security and privacy
Accessible Virtual and Augmented Reality
Accessible wearable interaction
Adaptive and augmented interaction
Alternative I/O techniques
Artificial Intelligence for Universal Access
Assistive Environments
Assistive Robots
Architectures and tools for universal access
Avatar and Sign Language Technologies
Collective intelligence for Universal Access
Context-awareness for universal access
Conversational Interaction for Universal Access
Design for Aging
Design for All best practice
Design for All education and training
Design for All in automotive industry
Design for All methods, techniques and tools
Design for Children with and without disabilities
Design for Cognitive Disabilities
Design for well-being and eudaimonia
Design for Quality of Life Technologies
Emotional and affective interaction for Universal Access
Evaluation of Accessibility, Usability, and User Experience
Eye-tracking in user experience research
Inclusive affective technologies
Intelligent rehabilitation technologies
Interaction science for Universal Access
Interaction personalization
Interaction techniques, platforms and metaphors
Ludic engagement
Media Accessibility
Mobility and way-finding
Modality-independent and multimodal interaction
Multi-sensory interfaces
Personal Informatics for Universal Access
Positive design
Quality of life technologies
Universal Access and Accessibility requirements, problems and solutions during pandemic lockdown
Universal Access Development methods
User, context and interaction modeling for Universal Access
User, context and interaction monitoring for Universal Access
User Interface adaptation for universal access

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