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Orlando, FL , United States

Conference Dates: Feb 21, 2020 - Feb 24, 2020

Impact Score 0.20


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Research Impact Score: 0.20
Contributing Best Scientists: 5
Papers published by Best Scientists 5
Research Ranking (Immunology) 21
Research Ranking (Medicine) 90

Conference Call for Papers

Over the last several years, the complexity and diversity of gut microbiota within and between individuals has been shown. Studies have shown the influence of the microbiota on immune cell function, tumorigenesis, and more. Sequencing studies have shown the composition of microbial communities differs significantly between those who are healthy and those who are unhealthy, and thus has a profound influence on disease progression and overall health. Within the development of cancer, the microbiota has been implicated in both cause and prevention. The role viruses play in tumor development is also linked to the microbiome. Both genetic and environmental factors can tip the scales from clearance of an infection to the development of cancer. Recent studies have shown that the microbiota is a potential factor that can affect this balance, increasing or decreasing the ability of viral infections to promote carcinogenesis.

The special conference aims to illuminate various areas, including bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens, and their contributions to the development of cancers. Moreover, the impact of the microbiome on cancers and cancer therapy will also be discussed. The study of the microbiota and its effects on cancer have transformed how we examine therapies and relationships with the immune system. Tumor microenvironments, and the associated tumor microbiota, have also played a role in individualized immunotherapy, and the development of novel therapeutics. This conference will cover a wide range of topics including the role of the microbiota in metabolism and immunity, oncogenic viruses, and the microbiota in cancer prevention and therapy.

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Feb 21, 2020 - Feb 24, 2020

Orlando, FL , United States, United States

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