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The International Symposium on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer, CONV-22

The International Symposium on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer, CONV-22

Izmir , Turkey

Conference Dates: May 29, 2022 - Jun 03, 2022

Impact Score 0.40


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Research Impact Score: 0.40
Contributing Best Scientists: 16
Papers published by Best Scientists 23
Research Ranking (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) 96

Conference Call for Papers

Convective heat and mass transfers are encountered in various domains, including heat exchangers, electric and microelectronics cooling, automotive and aerospace, air conditioning, fuel cells cooling, building engineering as well as conversion of renewable energy.

The objective of this conference is to bring together researchers, engineers, scientists in a forum to exchange innovative ideas, methods and results, and visions of the future related to the general theme of convective heat and mass transfer. It is important to obtaining an understanding of the physical mechanisms that occur in convective heat transfer in both single–phase and two-phase flows in order to develop the means to perform convection transfer calculations.

All papers submitted to Convective Heat and Mass Transfer conference will undergo dual peer-review for publication in the Conference Proceedings.Some selected papers will be proposed for publication in reputable journals. Major topics and new trends will be introduced through several keynote lectures that will be presented by internationally recognized experts.


A wide range of topics related to classical and emerging areas of convective heat and mass transfer fundamentals and applications will be covered, including:

Enhancement of heat exchangers
Natural, forced and mixed convection
Convective heat transfer in solar conversion systems
Heat and Mass transfer in fuel cells
Heat and Fluid Flow in Micro/Nano Scales
Impinging jets
Mass transfer, pollutant dispersion
Thermo-solutal convection
Heat and mass transfer in building
Boiling, condensation, two-phase flows
Melting and solidification
Heat and Mass transfer in Biomedical devices
Thermo-mechanical analysis of electronic cooling
Measurement techniques and identification
Air conditioning, heat transfer and fluid mechanics for building
Thermal systems networks

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The International Symposium on Convective Heat and Mass Transfer, CONV-22

May 29, 2022 - Jun 03, 2022

Izmir , Turkey, Turkey

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