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SPIE/COS Photonics Asia

SPIE/COS Photonics Asia

Nantong , China

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 01 Jun 2022

Conference Dates: Oct 20, 2022 - Oct 23, 2022

Impact Score 0.40


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Research Impact Score: 0.40
Contributing Best Scientists: 9
Papers published by Best Scientists 20
Research Ranking (Electronics and Electrical Engineering) 718
Research Ranking (Materials Science) 95
Research Ranking (Physics) 57

Conference Call for Papers

Advanced Lasers, High-Power Lasers, and Applications XIII
Papers on the following and related topics are solicited for this conference:
design of innovative lasers
demonstration of innovative lasers
advanced solid-state free-space lasers
advanced fiber lasers
high-average-power laser
ultra-short and super-intense lasers
high-power DPL and ceramic lasers
high-power fiber laser
high-power gas, excimer, and chemical laser
laser system for ICF
high-power laser beam propagation and beam quality
design and simulation for high-power laser
lasers development and qualification for space applications
new gain materials including crystals, glasses, semiconductors, and fibers
pump diodes and reliability
applications of lasers for space-based sensing and detections
applications of high peak power lasers
applications of high pulse energy lasers
applications of high average power lasers
new applications of advanced lasers
needs of lasers for specific new applications.

Semiconductor Lasers and Applications XII
This conference intends to cover the following, and related topics:
laser diode reliability and test
integrated optoelectronic devices
narrow linewidth lasers
frequency-stabilized lasers
high-speed lasers
optical frequency comb
fabrication and packaging technologies
vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) sources and their applications
device physics and simulation
modeling and design
characterization technologies for laser diodes
high brightness laser diodes
quantum cascade lasers
subsystem using laser diodes
blue-green laser technology
novel lasers and devices
applications of laser diodes.

Advanced Laser Processing and Manufacturing VI
The solicited exemplary topics include, but are not limited to:
laser welding and joining
laser cladding and remanufacturing
laser additive manufacturing and 3D printing
laser cutting and drilling
laser peening, polishing, texturing, re-melting, alloying and cleaning
laser micro and nano fabrication
pico- / femto-second laser processing
laser-based hybrid/combined processing and manufacturing
novel industry lasers and optical technologies
upgrading and improvement of laser devices
novel techniques for key elements in optical systems such as laser sources
novel elements and components in laser processing & manufacturing systems such as diffractive optical elements and multi-axis scan heads
industrial applications of laser processing and manufacturing technologies
application of machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence) and DX (digital transformation) in laser processing and manufacturing.

Photonics for Energy II
The solicited exemplary topics include, but are not limited to:
novel photonic materials for renewable energy
innovative photonic concepts for renewable energy
photovoltaic devices (including thin film and organic semiconductors)
photonic devices for efficient harvesting and conversion of solar energy
solar thermal and concentrator technology
energy-efficient photonic devices (e.g., solid-state lighting, flat-panel displays)
sensors to measure, control, and regulate energy
photonic technologies for monitoring energy usage
photonic technologies for monitoring exhaust gases and pollutants
measurement techniques for energy technologies
photonics in process control (e.g., for greater energy efficiency)
photonics in production of renewable energy devices and applications
photonic sensors in power plants and buildings
photonics in buildings (e.g., sensing, integrated photovoltaics).
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Optoelectronic Devices and Integration XI
This conference is intended to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas on optoelectronic device at different levels, including design, simulation, fabrication, integration, and applications. The topics of this conference are broad and will cover, but not limited to, the following topics:
physics and simulation of optoelectronic devices
devices for photonic applications
fiber and guided-wave lasers and amplifiers
organic photonic materials and devices
terahertz and gigahertz electronics and photonics
synthesis and photonics of nanoscale materials
emerging optoelectronic applications
vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
polarization maintained/scrambled laser
semiconductor photodetectors
reliability of optical fiber components, devices, systems, and networks
micro-optics and photonic interconnects
multifunctional components, and arrayed devices
optoelectronic hybrid and monolithic integration
integrated optics and photonic integrated circuits
photonics packaging and integration
surface plasmon nanolithography, plasmonic waveguide and devices.

Optical Design and Testing XII
We encourage you to submit abstracts and papers on the following and related topics:
aberration theory and image analysis
aspheric fabrication and metrology
astronomical optics
asymmetric optics
biomedical optics
computational optics
conformal optics
development in local and global optimization methods
diffractive optics
freeform optics: design, fabrication, and testing
gradient index optics
illumination optics
information optics and photonics
light field display and imaging
liquid optics
lithographic optics
metasurface optics
micro- and nano-optics
new fabrication developments
novel devices based on subwavelength structures
novel display systems
novel lens designs
optical instrument design
optical systems for visualization, virtual and augmented reality
plastic and molded optics
polarization and coherence in optical design
spaceborne optics
stray light analysis
testing and alignment of optical surfaces and elements
tolerance generation and application
UV optics
varifocal/multifocal optics
wavefront modulation
waveguide optics
zoom optics and multi-configuration optics.

Advanced Optical Imaging Technologies V
The solicited exemplary topics include, but are not limited to:
high-resolution fluorescence and label-free imaging technologies
nonlinear optical imaging technologies
holographic imaging, tomographic diffractive microscopy
near-field and plasmonics-based imaging technologies
photo-acoustic microscopy
photothermal imaging techniques
computational and compressive sensing imaging technologies
time-resolved imaging technologies such as FLIM and transient-absorption microscopy
imaging applications in biomedical and material sciences
quantum imaging technologies
novel techniques for key elements in optical imaging systems such as detection and laser sources
novel imaging algorithms and protocols.

Optoelectronic Imaging and Multimedia Technology IX
We are calling for papers in all relevant areas including, but not limited to, the following:
advanced sensing systems and applications
high-speed and high-resolution imaging
multidimensional multiscale imaging
multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
high dynamic range imaging
deep optics
application of AI techniques in imaging systems
computational imaging
ghost imaging /single pixel imaging
ultra-sonics, PET, MRI, X-ray imaging
micro- and nano-optical imaging and its biomedical applications
adaptive optics system
3D image/video system
novel display techniques and applications
tomographic imaging
time-of-flight imaging
scattering robust imaging
optical information processing
image/video analysis, processing, and retrieval
machine vision methods, architectures, and applications
advancement in shape-from-x method.

Holography, Diffractive Optics, and Applications XII
Papers are solicited on, but not limited to the following topics.
holography, diffractive, and micro-optics
computer-generated holograms
digital holography
digital holographic microscopy, 3D holographic microscopy
quantitative phase imaging
subwavelength optics and plasmonics
metasurface holography
quantum holography
dynamic holography, space light modulators
digital holography in scattering media
incoherent holography
x-ray and terahertz wave digital holography
polarization holography and polarization imaging
artificial intelligence (AI) based imaging, display, and metrology
machine-learning-based digital holography
holographic imaging with deep-learning networks
3D imaging and 3D display
3D remote sensing
full-field tomography
compressive holography
computational imaging
super-resolution imaging
adaptive imaging, feedback, or feedforward-controlled imaging
documentation and product anti-counterfeiting
optical metrology
picometer-scale optics and metrology
gratings technology
holographic lithography
2D and 3D printing, lithography, fabrication, and machining
high-dimensional optical recording, optical memory and storage
volume holograms
optical signal processing
optical analog and digital computing
optical neuron networks
optics in quantum computers
optics for life science applications
optical holographic tweezers
optics for metaverse.
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Optical Metrology and Inspection for Industrial Applications IX
Papers on the following and related topics are solicited for this conference:
absolute testing for metrology
application of interferometric techniques in optical mask and LED industry
large optics testing
machine/robot vision methods, architectures, and applications
surface inspection methods and applications
flatness metrology
dynamic measurement
special optical systems for inspection and measurements
2D and 3D machine vision methods and applications
stitching techniques
3D data manipulation
detection of gravitational waves
AR/VR optical testing
asperical and freeform testing
super-high accurate measurement for smooth surfaces
micro- and nano-scale measurement methods
structured light methods and applications
phase shifting methods applied to industrial inspection
optical methods for dimensional and surface metrology
mechanic-optics and photonics for metrology and inspection
system calibration and error analysis
spherical and cylindrical measurements
online and process control measurements
deflectometry or fringe projection measurement
high-resolution and high-speed inspection applications.

Optics in Health Care and Biomedical Optics XII
The topics of this conference are broad and will cover (but are not limited to) the following:
tissue optics, light-tissue/cell interaction (fundamental theories and new methodologies for diagnosis and therapy)
photon therapeutics (photo dynamic therapy, low-level red light therapy, laser surgery and other photo therapy)
biomedical spectroscopy (reflectance, fluorescence, Raman, single molecule spectroscopy) fluorescence imaging, multiphoton microscopy, multidimensional microscopy
novel microscopy and endoscopy (confocal, nonlinear, super resolution, OCT, multidimensional)
translational optical techniques for basic research and clinical medicine (neurophotonics, diagnosis devices, implantable devices, point of care devices)
multimodal biomedical imaging (photo-acoustic imaging, optical-MRI, optical PET)
nano/biophotonics (nano-scale imaging, nano-particles and molecular probes for biomedical applications)
AI in biomedical photonics.

Advanced Sensor Systems and Applications XII
Papers focused on the following and related topics are welcome:
optical sensors based on fiber gratings, photonic crystal fibers, planar/integrated waveguides, etc.
optical sensors for chemical, environmental, biological, medical, and other applications
discrete and distributed optical sensors, as well as optical sensor systems and networks
new fibers, smart structures, and materials for optical sensing
passive and active devices for optical sensing
new physics, principles, and modeling related to optical sensing
applications, field tests, and standardizations of optical sensing technologies.

Nanophotonics, Micro/Nano Optics, and Plasmonics VIII
Papers are solicited on the following and related topics:
tunable, multifunctional, and/or active nanomaterials and metamaterials
nonlinear nanophotonics including metamaterials and plasmonics
molecular self-assembly, and other nanofabrication techniques
nanoparticles and nanoparticulate composite materials
nanotubes, nanowires, and nanofibers
quantum dots and other low-dimensional nanostructures
quantum optics and spintronics
nanowaveguides and nanoantennas
sculptured thin films and nanostructured photonic crystals
near-field optics
light-harvesting materials and devices
nanophotonic detectors
nanoscale optical electronics
silicon photonics and photonic integrated circuits
nanophotonic concepts for continued integration of various optical and/or electronic functions
optical manipulation techniques, spectroscopies, and scattering techniques
surface plasmons and nanoplasmonics
ultrashort pulse propagation.
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Quantum and Nonlinear Optics IX
We encourage you to submit abstracts and papers on the following and related topics:
quantum cryptography and quantum communication
entanglement photon resource
long-distance quantum network
quantum measurement and quantum computations
high-intensity and relativistic nonlinear optics
novel nonlinear materials and structures
nonlinear optics in waveguides
optical coherent transient phenomena
nonlinear frequency conversion and nonlinear spectroscopy
optical data storage and associative memories
nonlinear fiber optics
phase-controlled nonlinear optical processes
ultrafast nonlinear optics
nonlinear plasmonics and nano-photonics
quantum sensing and metrology
quantum electrodynamics
matter-light entanglement
optical field engineering in quantum and nonlinear optics
integrated quantum information and computation.
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Infrared, Millimeter-Wave, and Terahertz Technologies IX
Papers on the following and related topics are solicited for this conference:
infrared detectors and focal plane arrays
testing and calibration
communication and radar
waveguides, metamaterials, components, and devices
spectroscopy and imaging
high field phenomena and nonlinear physics
novel THz generation and detection
interaction of THz radiation with matter
THz for biomedical applications
nondestructive sensing
bright THz source
remote THz sensing
light field imaging

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