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SPIE Photonics Europe

SPIE Photonics Europe

Strasbourg, France

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 20 Oct 2021

Conference Dates: Apr 03, 2022 - Apr 07, 2022

Impact Score 0.50


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Research Impact Score: 0.50
Contributing Best Scientists: 13
Papers published by Best Scientists 13
Research Ranking (Electronics and Electrical Engineering) 251
Research Ranking (Materials Science) 32
Research Ranking (Chemistry) 17
Research Ranking (Physics) 34

Conference Call for Papers

Conference PE101
Metamaterials XIII
Chair(s): Kevin F. MacDonald; Isabelle Staude; Anatoly V. Zayats
Conference PE102
Nanophotonics IX
Chair(s): David L. Andrews; Angus J. Bain; Jean-Michel Nunzi
Conference PE103
Advances in Ultrafast Condensed Phase Physics III
Chair(s): Stefan Haacke; Sangeeta Sharma; Vladislav Yakovlev
Conference PE104
Quantum Technologies 2022
Chair(s): Eleni Diamanti; Sara Ducci; Nicolas Treps; Shannon Whitlock
Conference PE105
Terahertz Photonics II
Chair(s): Mona Jarrahi; Sascha Preu; Dmitry Turchinovich
Conference PE106
3D Printed Optics and Additive Photonic Manufacturing III
Chair(s): Alois M. Herkommer; Georg von Freymann; Manuel Flury
Conference PE107
Unconventional Optical Imaging III
Chair(s): Marc P. Georges; Gabriel Popescu; Nicolas Verrier
Conference PE108
Optics and Photonics for Advanced Dimensional Metrology II
Chair(s): Peter J. de Groot; Richard K. Leach; Pascal Picart
Conference PE109
Optics, Photonics and Digital Technologies for Imaging Applications VII
Chair(s): Peter Schelkens; Tomasz Kozacki
Conference PE110
Optical Sensing and Detection VII
Chair(s): Francis Berghmans; Ioanna Zergioti
Conference PE111
Micro-Structured and Specialty Optical Fibres VII
Chair(s): Kyriacos Kalli; Pavel Peterka; Christian-Alexander Bunge
Conference PE112
Semiconductor Lasers and Laser Dynamics X
Chair(s): Marc Sciamanna; Krassimir Panajotov; Sven Höfling
Conference PE113
Fiber Lasers and Glass Photonics: Materials through Applications III
Chair(s): Maurizio Ferrari; Angela B. Seddon; Stefano Taccheo
Conference PE114
Nonlinear Optics and its Applications 2022
Chair(s): Neil G. R. Broderick; John M. Dudley; Anna C. Peacock
Conference PE115
Biomedical Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Imaging II
Chair(s): Jürgen Popp; Csilla Gergely
Conference PE116
Neurophotonics II
Chair(s): Francesco Saverio Pavone; Laurent Cognet
Conference PE117
Biophotonics in Point-of-Care II
Chair(s): Michael T. Canva; Ambra Giannetti; Hatice Altug; Julien Moreau
Conference PE118
Clinical Biophotonics II
Chair(s): Daniel S. Elson; Sylvain Gioux; Brian W. Pogue
Conference PE119
Tissue Optics and Photonics II
Chair(s): Valery V. Tuchin; Walter C. P. M. Blondel; Zeev Zalevsky
Conference PE120
Integrated Photonics Platforms II
Chair(s): Roel G. Baets; Peter O'Brien; Laurent Vivien
Conference PE121
Organic Electronics and Photonics: Fundamentals and Devices III
Chair(s): Sebastian Reineke; Koen Vandewal; Wouter Maes
Conference PE122
Photonics for Solar Energy Systems IX
Chair(s): Alexander N. Sprafke; Jan Christoph Goldschmidt; Gregory Pandraud
Conference PE123
Photosensitive Materials and their Applications II
Chair(s): Robert R. McLeod; Inmaculada Pascual Villalobos; Yasuo Tomita; John T. Sheridan
Conference WS201
Mesophotonics : Physics and Systems at Mesoscale
Chair(s): Sylvain Lecler; Vasily N. Astratov; Igor V. Minin
Conference WS202
Light Shaping Focus Session III
Chair(s): Frank Wyrowski; Youri Meuret; John T. Sheridan
Conference WS203
7th annual Sino-French “Photonics and Optoelectronics” PHOTONET International Research Network Workshop
Chair(s): Walter C. P. M. Blondel; Boris Gralak; Christophe Peucheret; Benfeng Bai; DingShan Gao; Xinliang Zhang

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Apr 03, 2022 - Apr 07, 2022

Strasbourg, France

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