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SPIE Optical Metrology 2021

SPIE Optical Metrology 2021


Submission Deadline: Wednesday 06 Jan 2021

Conference Dates: Jun 21, 2021 - Jun 25, 2021

Impact Score 0.30


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Research Impact Score: 0.30
Contributing Best Scientists: 5
Papers published by Best Scientists 5
Research Ranking (Physics) 74

Conference Call for Papers

The conference addresses optical measuring
methods and their application to solve measurement problems in production engineering,
process and product monitoring, and industrial
design. Respective applications range from the
optical inspection of large-scale industrial components to the investigation of microsystems and
nanostructures using ultraviolet, visible, or infrared wavelengths. Both, measurement systems fulfilling the requirements of high-volume industrial
manufacturing as well as new approaches related
to measurement capabilities such as resolution
enhancement and uncertainty reduction are in the
focus of the conference. Special emphasis shall be
put on the implementation of new methods, algorithms and sensor components into higher-level
measurement systems. In particular, the design
and implementation of optical systems close-toproduction as a prerequisite of ongoing digitization is of interest.
Scientific contributions related to one of the following topics are greatly appreciated.
• optical metrology
• reliable and robust measurement systems
• process integrated and in-process
measurement and inspection
• resolution enhancement
• metrology for efficient use of resources
• measurement uncertainty
• features of performance assessment.
• interferometry
• holographic and speckle techniques
• Moire and structured illumination techniques
• deflectometry and image correlation
• 3D microscopy
• hyperspectral techniques
• confocal and focus scanning techniques
• coherence scanning, time-of-flight techniques
• light scattering and diffraction-based analysis
• reconstruction/retrieval algorithms and
• advanced image and signal processing
• fiber and micro-optical sensors
• smart sensors and measurement systems
using artificial intelligence
• multisensor approaches and sensor fusion
• multiscale inspection and measurement
• micro-, nanostructure, and roughness
• measurement of precision components
• measurement of optical components and
• measurement and inspection in additive
• shape measurement/reverse engineering
• nondestructive testing and fault detection
• thickness measurement
• inspection of functional surfaces
• stress and vibration analysis
• inspection of components for renewable
energy systems
• inspection of large-scale objects
• inspection of 2d-material (meta-surfaces)
• inspection of scattering surfaces and volumes
• high-speed measurement/high-volume
• measurement systems related to industry 4.0
• remote technologies
• determination of material properties and

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SPIE Optical Metrology 2021

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