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SIGCSE 2022 : ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education

SIGCSE 2022 : ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education

Providence, United States

Submission Deadline: Friday 06 Aug 2021

Conference Dates: Mar 02, 2022 - Mar 05, 2022

Impact Score 3.3


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Research Impact Score: 3.3
Contributing Top Scientist: 29
Papers published by Top Scientists 79
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 221

Conference Call for Papers

Computing Education Research. Papers should adhere to rigorous standards, describing their applicable theoretical/analytical lenses, research questions, contexts, methods, results, and limitations. These normally focus on topics relevant to computing education with emphasis on educational goals and knowledge units/topics; methods or techniques; evaluation of pedagogical approaches; studies of the many populations engaged in computing education, including (but not limited to) students and instructors; and issues of gender, diversity, and underrepresentation.

Experience Reports and Tools. Papers should carefully describe a computing education intervention, its context, and provide a rich reflection on what did or didn’t work, and why. This track accepts experience reports, teaching techniques, and pedagogical tools. All papers in this track should provide enough detail for adoption by others.

Position and Curricula Initiative Papers. Position papers should engender fruitful academic discussion through a defensible opinion about a computing education topic, substantiated with evidence. Curricula Initiative papers discuss new and revised curricula, programs, degrees and include position papers. Papers about curricula, programs, and degrees should describe the motivating context before the new initiative was undertaken, what it took to put the initiative into place, the impact, and suggestions for others wishing to adopt it.

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