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SAM 2020 : IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop

SAM 2020 : IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop


Submission Deadline: Sunday 12 Jan 2020

Conference Dates: Jun 08, 2020 - Jun 11, 2020

Impact Score 2.31

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Research Impact Score: 2.31
Contributing Top Scientist: 23
Papers published by Top Scientists 27
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 397

Conference Call for Papers

Research Areas – Authors are invited to submit contributions related (but not limited) to the following topics:
● Adaptive beamforming
● Array processing for biomedical applications
● Array processing for communications
● Array processing for radio astronomy
● Array processing for seismic monitoring
● Artificial intelligence in array processing
● Blind source separation and channel identification
● Computational and optimization techniques
● Compressive sensing and sparsity-based signal processing
● Detection and estimation Direction-of-arrival estimation
● Distributed and adaptive signal processing
● Intelligent systems and knowledge-based signal processing
● Microphone and loudspeaker array applications
● MIMO radar
● Multi-antenna systems: multiuser MIMO, massive MIMO and space-time coding
● Multi-channel imaging and hyperspectral processing
● Multi-sensor processing for smart grid and energy
● Non-Gaussian, nonlinear, and non-stationary models
● Performance evaluations with experimental data
● Radar and sonar array processing
● Sensor networks Signal processing for The Internet of Things
● Source localization, classification and tracking
● Synthetic aperture techniques
● Space-time adaptive processing
● Statistical modelling for sensor arrays
● Tensor signal processing
● Waveform diverse sensors and systems

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