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MIDP 2022 : Medical Imaging : Digital Pathology

MIDP 2022 : Medical Imaging : Digital Pathology

San Diego, United States

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 18 Aug 2021

Conference Dates: Feb 22, 2022 - Feb 24, 2022

Impact Score 1.65


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Research Impact Score: 1.65
Contributing Top Scientist: 9
Papers published by Top Scientists 10
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 624

Conference Call for Papers

TOPIC AREAS: For this conference only
During the submission process, you will be asked to choose no more than three topics from the following list to assist in the review process.

Image Acquisition, Storage and Display
Acquisition, storage, display and processing of digital microscopy images
Image mosaicking of nontraditional near-real-time microscopy (OCT, confocal)
Multispectral imaging
High-dimensional multiplexed staining and imaging of tissues
Multi-focus volume imaging
Methodologies for the objective technical assessment of digital pathology systems including color calibration
Whole slide imaging
Strategies for data storage and remote processing
Quantitative Image Analysis
Computer-aided diagnosis, prognosis and predictive analysis
Automated quantification of tissue biomarkers
Grading and classification of pathology images
Segmentation of cellular and tissue structures
Shape analysis and morphology in pathology imaging
Architectural feature extraction and quantification
Multispectral- and volume-based segmentation
Content-based image retrieval
High-performance computing for whole-slide tissue image analysis
Multi-stain and multiplexed image analysis
Correlative microscopy
Understanding of image data across scale.
Machine learning trends in digital pathology: handcrafted features versus deep learning
Information Fusion
Radiology-pathology registration and fusion
Registration of multiple stained tissue microscopy images
Integration of digital image features with ‘omics’ data for fused diagnostics
Digital/Computational Pathology and the Pathologist
Observer performance, human factors, reading strategies, and diagnostic interpretation issues
Remote consultation
Metrics, variability and standardization issues unique to digital pathology
Methodologies for the objective technical assessment of digital pathology systems
Optical probe tracking and visualization tools
PACS and new DICOM standards for histopathology
Making the case for clinical digital pathology systems in pathology practice

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