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IUI 2022 : International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

IUI 2022 : International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Helsinki, Finland

Submission Deadline: Friday 01 Oct 2021

Conference Dates: Mar 22, 2022 - Mar 25, 2022

Impact Score 4.95


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Research Impact Score: 4.95
Contributing Top Scientist: 65
Papers published by Top Scientists 105
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 103

Conference Call for Papers

IUI topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Human-centred AI methods and approaches
e.g., explainable AI methods (e.g., transparency and interpretability), persuasive technologies in IUI, privacy and security of IUI, planning and plan recognition for IUI, knowledge-based approaches to user interface design and generation, user modelling for intelligent interfaces, user-adaptive interaction and personalization, crowd computing and human computation, human-centred design.

Computational innovation
e.g., modelling approaches, machine learning methods, human-in-the loop machine learning, and interactive machine learning.

Interface types
e.g., affective and aesthetic interfaces, collaborative interfaces, speech-based interfaces, AR/VR interfaces, intelligent wearable and mobile interfaces, ubiquitous smart environments.

e.g., embodied agents, virtual assistants, multi-modal interfaces, conversational interfaces, tangible interfaces, intelligent visualization.

Evaluations of intelligent user interfaces
e.g., user experiments and studies, reproducibility (including benchmarks, datasets, and challenges), meta-analysis, mixed-methods evaluations.

Application areas of IUI
e.g., education and learning-related technologies, health and intelligent health technologies, assistive technologies, social media and other Web technologies, mobile applications, intelligent assistants, conversational agents, Information retrieval, search, and recommendation system, internet of things (IoT).

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