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ITAP 2022 : International Conference on Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population

ITAP 2022 : International Conference on Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population

Goetheburg, Sweden

Submission Deadline: Friday 08 Oct 2021

Conference Dates: Jun 26, 2022 - Jun 26, 2022

Impact Score 1.32

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Research Impact Score: 1.32
Contributing Best Scientists:
H5-index: 0
Papers published by Best Scientists
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 770

Conference Call for Papers

The related topics include, but are not limited to:
E-Health and telehealth
IT supported preventive care and chronic diseases control
Technology supporting and promoting healthy lifestyle among older adults
Technology supporting and promoting physical activity and fitness
Persuasive technology for older adults
Technology for cognitive well-being
IT support for caregivers
Social inclusion and connectedness
Online social interaction and social networking for older adults
Aging and social media
Technology for civic engagement
IT-supported intergenerational social interaction
Social robots
Leisure time and entertainment
IT use and leisure time activities of older adults
Silver gaming and senior gamers\' behaviors
IT-supported travel and tourism for older adults
Older adults’ use of video sharing and live streaming services
Life-long learning of older adults
Home and housing
Smart home and IoT
Automation and robotics
Accommodations for aging-in-place
Living labs for technologies for older adults
Surveillance and alert system for older adults
Technology for housekeeping
Daily living activity support
e-Commerce and finance
Online financial security and fraud with older adults
Robo-advisor for older adults
E-commerce among older adults
Shared economy, O2O services, and older adults
Mobility and transportation
Transportation information systems for older adults
Aging and driving safety
Navigation aids for older adults
Public IT appliances and services
News consumption and information credibility for older adults
Accessibility of governmental digital services
Usability of public kiosks and information appliances
Friendly work environment for older adults
IT for knowledge transfer for senior employees
IT literacy and competency of older adults
IT-supported job training
Interaction paradigms
VR for older adults
AR for older adults
Natural language interfaces for older adults
Smart voice assistants
Aging and ubiquitous computing
Design methodology for older adults
Generational differences in IT use
Gerontechnology across cultures and disciplines
Aging and privacy considerations
Involving older adults in HCI methodology
Methods to capture the daily life of older adults

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