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International Meeting for Applied Geoscience

International Meeting for Applied Geoscience

Houston , United States

Conference Dates: Aug 28, 2022 - Sep 01, 2022

Impact Score 1.30


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Research Impact Score: 1.30
Contributing Best Scientists: 84
Papers published by Best Scientists 240
Research Ranking (Environmental Sciences) 13
Research Ranking (Earth Science) 5

Conference Call for Papers

Topic Areas Key
ACQ – Acquisition and Survey Design
ANI – Anisotropy
AVOSI – AVO and Seismic Inversion
BG – Borehole Geophysics and Geomechanics
CEMS – Carbonates, Evaporites and Mixed Systems
CO2 – Low Carbon Solutions/CCS
DAS – Distributed Acoustic Sensing
EMRS – EM Exploration and Reservoir Surveillance
FWI – Full Waveform Inversion
GBMPS – Geochemistry, Basin Modeling and Petroleum Systems
GM – Gravity and Magnetics
HPG – History of Petroleum Geoscience
INT – Geological and Geophysical Interpretation
INTD – Deep Integration of Data and Disciplines
IPS – Induced and Passive Seismic
MG – Mining
MLDA – Machine Learning and Data Analytics: Theory and Special Applications
NEF – New Energy Frontiers, Critical Minerals, Planetary Geoscience
NS – Near Surface
RC – Integrated Reservoir Characterization
RP – Rock Physics
SGS – Special Global Session
SILIC – Silicilastic Systems
SM – Seismic Modeling
SPET – Seismic Processing: Emerging Technologies
SPMI – Seismic Processing: Migration
SPMNR – Seismic Processing: Multiples, Noise, and Regularization
SS – Special Session
ST – Seismic Theory
STGM – Structure, Tectonics, and Geomechanics

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International Meeting for Applied Geoscience

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