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International Conference on Fog and Mobile Edge Computing

International Conference on Fog and Mobile Edge Computing

PAris , France

Submission Deadline: Sunday 10 Jul 2022

Conference Dates: Dec 12, 2022 - Dec 15, 2022

Impact Score 2.10


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Research Impact Score: 2.10
Contributing Best Scientists: 24
Papers published by Best Scientists 30
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 332

Conference Call for Papers

Researchers are encouraged to submit original research contributions in all major areas, which include, but not limited to:

* Mobile Cloud Computing Systems.
* FMEC Security and Privacy Issues.
* FMEC Pricing and billing models.
* FMEC support for VANETS and MANETS
* Cloudlet based computing
* Dew based computing
* Lightweight authentication mechanisms in FMEC architecture.
* Access Control models in FMEC.
* Identification of incentives for FMEC service providers.
* The future perspective for FMEC: Challenges and Open Issues.
* FMEC Quality of Service (QoS) improvements techniques.
* FMEC architecture features and evolution.
* FMEC Real-time communication interfaces and protocols.
* FMEC Resource scheduling that enhances the reliability and scalability.
* FMEC Resources monitoring mechanism and utilization measuring mechanism.
* FMEC resources allocation and management.
* Real-time load prediction model to optimize the user satisfaction.
* FMEC virtualization.
* 5G and Beyond Network Architecture.
* Data storage, processing, and management at FMEC platform.
* Cyber hacking, next generation fire wall of FMEC.
* Deployment strategies of FMEC Servers
* Admission control for FMEC.
* Social engineering, insider threats, advance spear phishing.
* Incident Handling and Penetration Testing.
* Forensics of Virtual and FMEC Environments.
* Security protocols in FMEC.
* Security and privacy of mobile cloud computing
* Security, privacy and reliability issues of MCC and IoT
* Security and privacy of IoT
* Security and privacy management in MCC
* MCC intrusion detection systems
* Security of pricing and billing for mobile cloud computing services
* Security of mobile, peer-to-peer and pervasive services in clouds
* Security of mobile commerce and mobile Internet of Things
* Security of mobile social networks
* Security and privacy in smartphone devices
* Security and privacy in social applications and networks
* Security of Mobile, peer-to-peer and pervasive services in clouds
* Security of Mobile commerce and mobile internet of things
* Security of Operating system and middleware support for mobile computing
* Security and privacy in sensor networks
* Security and privacy in social applications and networks
* Web service security
* Security of 3G/4G systems, Wi-MAX, Ad-hoc
* Security of Mobile social networks
* Near field communication services
* Service-oriented architectures, service portability, P2P
* Network virtualization and cloud-based radio access networks

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