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ICE Coasts, Marine Structures & Breakwaters

ICE Coasts, Marine Structures & Breakwaters

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Conference Dates: Sep 13, 2021 - Sep 16, 2021

Impact Score 0.40


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Research Impact Score: 0.40
Contributing Best Scientists: 3
Papers published by Best Scientists 2
Research Ranking (Environmental Sciences) 33
Research Ranking (Ecology and Evolution) 4
Research Ranking (Environmental Sciences) 51

Conference Call for Papers

Breakwaters, piers and jetties
Seawalls and shoreline structures
Ports, docks and harbours
Waterfront developments and integrated marine developments
Beaches, dunes and natural shoreline features
Coastal erosion and flooding​​​​​​​
Coastal, oceanographic and estuarine processes​​​​​​​
Power from the sea; wind, wave and tidal power generation, landfall
​​​​​​​Dredging and the use of dredged material

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ICE Coasts, Marine Structures & Breakwaters

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Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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