FPGA 2022 : Symposium on Field Programmable Gate Arrays

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Conference Information

Submission Deadline Monday 06 Sep 2021 Proceedings indexed by :
Conference Dates Feb 27, 2022 - Mar 1, 2022
Conference Address Monterey, United States
Conference & Submission Link https://www.isfpga.org/
Conference Organizers : ( Deadline extended ? Click here to edit )

Conference Ranking & Metrics (This is a TOP Conference)

Impact Score 5.12
#Contributing Top Scientists 29
#Papers published by Top Scientists 58
Google Scholar H5-index 32
Guide2Research Overall Ranking: 101
Category Rankings
Hardware, Robotics & Electronics 18
Signal Processing 29
Software Engineering & Programming 23
Proceedings https://dl.acm.org/conference/fpga

Conference Call for Papers

Types of Submissions Sought
1. Research Papers (with and without Artifacts)

We solicit research papers related to the following areas:

FPGA Architecture: Architectures for programmable logic fabrics or their components, including routing, flexible logic cells, embedded blocks (memory, DSP, processors), and I/O interfaces. Novel commercial architectures and architectural features.
FPGA Circuit Design: Circuits and layout techniques for the design of FPGAs. Impact of future process and design technologies on FPGAs as well as novel memory or nano-scale devices. Methods for analyzing and improving static and dynamic power consumption, power and clock distribution, yield, manufacturability, security, reliability, and testability.
CAD for FPGAs: Algorithms for synthesis, technology mapping, logic and timing optimization, clustering, placement, and routing of FPGAs. Novel design software for system-level partitioning, debug, and verification. Algorithms for modeling, analysis and optimization of timing and power.
High-Level Abstractions and Tools for FPGAs: General-purpose and domain-specific languages, tools, and techniques to facilitate the design, debugging and verification of FPGA-based applications and systems. Novel hardware/software co-design and high-level synthesis methodologies enabling digital signal processing, compute acceleration, networking, machine learning, and embedded systems.
FPGA-based and FPGA-like Computing Engines: Systems and software for compiled accelerators, reconfigurable/adaptive computing, and rapid-prototyping. Programmable overlay architectures implemented using FPGAs.
Applications and Design Studies: Implementation of novel designs on FPGAs establishing state-of-the-art in high-performance, low-power, security, or high-reliability. Designs leveraging unique capabilities of FPGA architectures or demonstrating significant improvements over alternative programmable technologies (e.g., CPU, GPU). Design studies or architecture explorations enabling improvement of FPGA architectures.

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