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European Wireless 2021 : European Wireless Conference

European Wireless 2021 : European Wireless Conference

Verona , Italy

Submission Deadline: Saturday 27 Mar 2021

Conference Dates: Nov 10, 2021 - Nov 12, 2021

Impact Score 2.64

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Research Impact Score: 2.64
Contributing Top Scientist: 16
Papers published by Top Scientists 22
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 328

Conference Call for Papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Radio Access Network and Backhaul/Fronthaul

Design of mmWave radio access for 5G and beyond
Low-cost radio, full-duplex, scalable, sustainable, low-complexity access systems
Mobile base stations based on UAVs and drones for 5GB
Optimization and resource allocation
Channel modeling and propagation
Modulation & coding
Interference management, localization and positioning
Error-correcting codes for 5G and beyond
Internet of Things
Virtualization of radio access network
Slicing of wireless virtual resources
Cloud radio access network
Fundamental limits, information theory for wireless
Wired-wireless integration
Ultra-Wideband Communications
Optical wireless and visible light communications
Energy efficient and Green communications
Emerging concepts: machine learning, big data analytics and information processing, programmable surfaces for wireless transmissions, molecular communications
Testbeds for future generation radio access networks
Mobility management and billing technologies
Edge and Core Network
Protocols and architectures, and resource allocation
Metrics for quality-of-service (QoS) and quality-of-experience (QoE)
Network coding
Mobile Edge Cloud
Distributed computing and distributed storage
SDN-NFV and virtual network resource slicing
Distributed caching, multi-tenancy, cloud computing and edge computing
Machine learning for edge and core future generations networks. Autonomic networks
Application layer: Mobile apps and platforms, emerging applications in wireless networks
Quantum communications, protocols and quantum Internet
Satellite-5G integration

AI and Machine Learning for SatCom
Coding, modulation and synchronization
Multiple Access techniques
MIMO, multi-user detection & diversity techniques
Fading and interference mitigation techniques
Network slicing
Radio Resource Management
Smart on-board processing techniques
MEC schemes for integrated 5G-satellite networks
SDN/NFV for integrated 5G-satellite networks
Very/Ultra High Throughput Satellites
Optical feeder links
Massive M2M/IoT over satellite
Swarm of nano and pico satellites technologies
Mega Constellations
NTN Standardisation within 3GPP
Satellite demonstrations and trials
Big Data over Satellite
5G and Beyond Verticals and Services

Tactile internet, ultra-low latency communications, ultra-reliable communications
Internet of Things, machine-type communications
Smart cities
Vehicular communications
Industry views on future wireless networks
Regional visions and requirements for future networks
Wireless Security

Security and Privacy
Physical-Layer Security for 5G and Beyond
Cyber-Physical Systems
Secure solutions for SDN and NFV

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