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COMPLEX NETWORKS 2021 : International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications

COMPLEX NETWORKS 2021 : International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications

Madrid, Spain

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 01 Sep 2021

Conference Dates: Nov 30, 2021 - Dec 02, 2021

Impact Score 1.81


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Research Impact Score: 1.81
Contributing Top Scientist: 27
Papers published by Top Scientists 46
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 531

Conference Call for Papers

Authors are encouraged to submit both theoretical and applied papers on their research in complex networks. Topics for the conference include, but are not limited to:

Models of Complex Networks
Structural Network Properties
Complex Networks and Epidemics
Community Structure and Discovery
Networks, Smart Cities and Smart Grids
Dynamics on and of Complex Networks
Link Prediction
Multiplex Networks
Network Controllability
Synchronization in Networks
Algorithms for Network Analysis
Complex Networks Mining
Temporal and Spatial Networks
Networks Visual Representation
Large-scale Graph Analytics
Social Reputation, Influence, and Trust
Information Spreading in Social Media
Rumor and Viral Marketing
Financial and Economic Networks
Complex Networks and Mobility
Biological and Technological Networks
Mobile Call Complex Networks
Resilience and Robustness
Graph Signal Processing
Network Medicine
Cognitive Network Science
Networks for Physical Infrastructures
Motif Discovery
Political Networks
Supply Chain Networks
Complex Networks and Information Systems
Recommendation Systems and Networks
Complex Networks and CPS/IoT
Network Neuroscience
Quantifying Success through Social Network Analysis
Bio-informatics and Earth Sciences Applications

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