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CloudCom 2020 : IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science

CloudCom 2020 : IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science

Bangkok, Thailand

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 15 Jul 2020

Conference Dates: Dec 14, 2020 - Dec 17, 2020

Impact Score 1.98


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Research Impact Score: 1.98
Contributing Top Scientist: 16
Papers published by Top Scientists 18
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 465

Conference Call for Papers

CloudCom 2020 topics of interests include, but are not limited to, the following 4 tracks.

Track 1: Architecture, Storage, and Virtualization
Virtual Machines (VMs), containers, unikernels and micro-services
Energy efficiency
Cloud services delivery models & “last mile” technologies
Networking technologies
network virtualization, software-defined networking
Green data centers
Computational resources, storage & network virtualization
Cloud capacity planning
Resource provisioning, monitoring, management & maintenance
Virtual desktops
Cloud system design with FPGAs, GPUs, APUs
Modeling & performance evaluation
Scalability, performance, and Cloud elasticity
Virtualization technologies and enablers
Storage & file systems
Operational, economic & business models
Resilience, fault-tolerance, disaster recovery

Track 2: Cloud Services and Applications
XaaS (everything as a service including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS)
Data-provisioning services
Cloud services models & frameworks
Cloud services reference models & standardization
Service deployment and orchestration in the Cloud
Cloud service and workflow management
Systems interactions and machine learning
Data management applications & services
Services for compute-intensive applications
Business models & economics of Cloud services
Services for emerging technologies (quantum computing, augmented reality etc.)
Cloud-based services & protocols
Cloud programming models, benchmarks, and tools
Mining and analytics
Fault-tolerance & availability of cloud services and applications
Traffic prediction models and auto-scaling for Cloud services
Application development and debugging tools

Track 3: Security, Privacy and Trust
Accountability & auditing
Authentication & authorization
Cryptography in the Cloud
Trust & credential management
Prevention of data loss or leakage
Hypervisor security
Privacy policy framework in the Cloud
Secure, interoperable identity management
Energy, cost, efficiency of security in the Cloud
Trust models for Cloud services
Cryptographic protocols against internal attacks in the Cloud
Blockchain Cloud services
Privacy protection in Cloud platforms
Information sharing and data protection in the Cloud
Identity management & security as a service
Privacy-preserving data mining in the Cloud
Usable security risk management in Cloud computing environments

Track 4: Edge Computing, IoT, and Distributed Cloud
Cloudlet-enabled applications
Software infrastructure for cloudlets
Fog computing
Distributed Cloud infrastructure
Foundations and principles of distributed Cloud computing
Architectural models, prototype implementations and applications
Economics and pricing
Existing deployments and measurements of public, private, hybrid, and federated environments
Inter-cloud architecture models
IoT cloud architectures & models
Dynamic resource, service and context management in edge computing
Cloud brokers and coordination across multiple resource managers
Cloud-based context-aware IoT
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