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CCDC 2022 : Chinese Control And Decision Conference

CCDC 2022 : Chinese Control And Decision Conference

Hefei, China

Submission Deadline: Sunday 31 Oct 2021

Conference Dates: May 21, 2022 - May 23, 2022

Impact Score 1.49


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Research Impact Score: 1.49
Contributing Top Scientist: 23
Papers published by Top Scientists 41
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 649

Conference Call for Papers

A  Control Theory and Engineering
A01 Intelligent control, computation and optimization
A02 Fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance
A03 Anomaly detection and Self-healing
A04 Analysis and synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems
A05 Signal processing and information fusion
A06 Optimal control and optimization
A07 Complex networks and systems
A08 Theory and application of linear system
A09 Identification and estimation
A10 Theory and application of nonlinear systems
A11 Hybrid systems and discrete event systems
A12 Space vehicle control
A13 Stochastic systems
A14 Distributed parameter systems control
A15 Network cluster and networked control
A16 Knowledge-based automation and systems
A17 Sensor networks and Internet of things
A18 Robust control
A19 Process control and predictive control
A20 Fuzzy systems and Fuzzy control
A21 Motion control
A22 Theory and technology for the intelligentization of process manufacturing
A23 Data-driven control and optimization
A24 Nano-scale automation and assembly
A25 Adaptive control and learning control
A26 Variable structure control
A27 Advanced sensing technology and instrument
A28 Information security of control systems
A29 Modeling, control and simulations of biological systems
A30 Automatic control of unmanned systems
A31 Intelligent control and optimization of complex industrial processes
A32 Micro-electromechanical systems
B  Decision Theory and System
B01 Decision-making theory and method
B02 Production planning and scheduling
B03 Integrated management-control systems
B04 Management information systems and enterprises informatization
B05 Supply chain and logistics management
B06 Knowledge engineering and data mining
B07 Big data and knowledge automation
B08 Economic cybernetics and social economic systems
B09 Game theory and social network
B10 Security and optimization of cyber-physical systems
C  Robotic Systems
C01 Modelling and analysis of intelligent robotic systems
C02 Control and operation of robotic manipulators
C03 Video processing and visual servoing for intelligent robots
C04 Sensing technology for robotics
C05 Multi-robot communication and coordination
C06 Control of networked robots
C07 Human-robot interaction
C08 Pattern recognition and intelligent machines
C09 Integrated behavior and decision in robotics
C10 Evolutionary learning for robot swarms
C11 Precision instrumentation for robots
C12 Development and application of special robots
C13 Circuit and structure design for robots

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