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BRACIS 2021 : Brazilian Conference on Intelligent Systems

BRACIS 2021 : Brazilian Conference on Intelligent Systems


Submission Deadline: Sunday 20 Jun 2021

Conference Dates: Nov 29, 2021 - Dec 03, 2021

Impact Score 0.66

Conference Organizers: Deadline extended?
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Research Impact Score: 0.66
Contributing Top Scientist: 9
Papers published by Top Scientists 11
Research Ranking (Computer Science) 927

Conference Call for Papers


Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to):
○ Agent-based and Multi-Agent Systems
○ AI in Emerging Countries: Public Policies and the Future of Work
○ Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering
○ Cognitive Modeling and Human Interaction
○ Combinatorial and Numerical Optimization
○ Computer Vision
○ Constraints and Search
○ Decision Making in Food Production Networks
○ Deep Learning
○ Distributed AI
○ Education
○ Evolutionary Computation and Metaheuristics
○ Forecasting
○ Foundations of AI
○ Fuzzy Systems
○ Game Playing and Intelligent Interactive Entertainment
○ Graph-Oriented Machine Learning
○ Hybrid Systems○ Information Retrieval, Integration, and Extraction
○ Intelligent Robotics
○ Knowledge-Enhanced Machine Learning
○ Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
(including Commonsense Reasoning, Model-Based Reasoning,
Probabilistic Reasoning, Approximate Reasoning)
○ Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Ontologies and
the Semantic Web
○ Logic-based Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
○ Machine Learning and Data Mining
○ Machine Learning for Medical Diagnosis
○ Meta-learning
○ Molecular and Quantum Computing
○ Multidisciplinary AI and CI
○ Natural Language Processing
○ Natural Language Processing in Portuguese
○ Neural Networks
○ Pattern Recognition and Cluster Analysis
○ Planning and Scheduling
○ Reinforcement Learning

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