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50th North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC)

50th North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC)

Indiana , United States

Submission Deadline: Monday 30 Nov 2020

Conference Dates: Jun 27, 2022 - Jul 01, 2022

Impact Score 0.90


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Research Impact Score: 0.90
Contributing Best Scientists: 6
Papers published by Best Scientists 21
Research Ranking (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) 38
Research Ranking (Materials Science) 42

Conference Call for Papers

Track 1: Manufacturing Systems – General Submission
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Biomedical manufacturing systems
Sustainable manufacturing systems
Nano and micro manufacturing systems
Modelling and simulation of complex manufacturing systems
Computer-aided manufacturing and robotics
Wireless sensors and sensor networks for manufacturing
Manufacturing systems of renewable energy devices, electric vehicles, roll-to-roll fabrication
Human factors and man-machine interactions in manufacturing
Quality and reliability
Product lifecycle management

Track 2: Manufacturing Processes – General Submission
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Mechanics, tribology and technology of material forming, powder consolidation, casting, joining and polymer and composites processing
Dimensional and surface metrology, and part surface integrity
Biomedical manufacturing processes
Sustainable manufacturing processes
Hybrid manufacturing processes
Manufacturing processes of renewable energy devices, electric vehicles, roll-to-roll fabrication
Laser-based processes
Lightweight metals manufacturing processes
Dynamics and control of high-precision machine tools and structures

Track 3: Material Removal
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Technology of conventional and non-traditional materials removal processes
Biomedical material removal processes
Sustainable material removal processes
Laser-based material removal processes
Lightweight metals material removal processes
Advances in cutting tool design
Material removal of hard-to-machine metals
Advances in control and metrology for multi-tasking machine tools
High speed material removal processes
Economics of material removal processes
Advances in modelling and simulation of material removal processes
Methods for improving surface quality

Track 4: Additive Manufacturing
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Lightweight and efficient structures using AM
Fabrication of advanced material systems by AM
Microstructure and mechanical properties of materials and structures fabricated by AM
Sustainability of AM (energy consumption)
Embedded sensors and integrated functionalities using AM
Bio-AM and applications of AM in medical device manufacturing
AM as enabling technology in surface tailoring, and part repair and restoration
Multi-scale, physics based modelling of AM processes
Design for AM and topology optimisation
Next generation of AM technologies and process planning

Track 5: Smart Manufacturing – Processes, Systems and Integration
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Big data analytics for manufacturing planning and control
Machine learning / artificial intelligence applications in manufacturing
Cloud-enabled cyber physical systems in production planning, control and execution
Cyber security in manufacturing processes and systems
Remote monitoring and control of manufacturing processes/systems in cyber workspace
Real-time sensing, diagnosis and prognosis for distant maintenance
Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and applications
Digital Twins for industry digitalization and modelling
Integration of intelligent manufacturing processes with smart systems

Track 6: Industrial Applications and Manufacturing Education
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Innovative manufacturing education and workforce development programs
Innovative tools for manufacturing education
Professional development in the manufacturing community
Manufacturing and ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)
Workforce development through federal initiatives, e.g., Manufacturing USA
Manufacturing methods for new materials or product features
Sustainable and energy-efficient manufacturing
Process monitoring, control, and traceability technologies
Novel measurement and visualisation methods applied to manufacturing
Predictive maintenance methods
Digital Manufacturing
Industrial applications in real-world environments

NAMRC paper review will be handled by the Scientific Committee of NAMRI | SME. The organization of the scientific committee is shown in the figure below (provisional). Each paper will be evaluated by at least three experts before a review decision is made. Every accepted paper, including fast-track paper to JMS or JMP, must be presented in person at NAMRC 49 by the author or one of the co-authors. Unregistered authors (see the deadline below) and/or unpresented (no-show) papers will be removed from the NAMRC 49 Proceedings in Procedia Manufacturing, or from JMS/JMP.

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50th North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC)

Jun 27, 2022 - Jul 01, 2022

Indiana , United States, United States

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